An Open Letter to Indian MP Meenakshi Lekhi

Wow Ms Lekhi, your statement on the director/producer of the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ Leslee Udwin “Couldn’t she find a rapist in London that she had to travel all way to India?” is indeed something out of the world.

Never knew there was an Indian Rapist and a British Rapist. Do you think even the Rape Victims should be classified with a nationality? Or is your problem that a British national made a documentary that had an interview with a Rapist who is an Indian citizen? Is that how you define national pride and nationalism. the world would love to know how many people in India connect national thought in that same way.

The documentary proves that the director/producer does not consider that a rape victim should be classified on nationality. This documentary is not about the rapists alone but about the Victim, her family, the rapist, their mentality, the society we all live in and the systems that we have and even some problems with it. It is in a way above nationality issues. It is about the ways gender inequality can move in our society sometimes appearing to be very harmless and insignificant but slowly builds poisonous roots in the mind of a few who can then become responsible for such horrendous crimes. You have twisted this whole thing into a very stupid agenda of ‘west against east’ which is so shameful and appalling.

The sad and true part is that there are people in our society who silently agree with the comments made by the convict and his lawyers who believe that a women going out at night with someone other than her father or brother or son will and should be looked down upon. But the same people want her to hold the family together and like to claim they uphold women liberty and hold every women as a mother like.

Even for the countless working women in our society, the interesting fact is house chores still remain her responsibility, the kitchen, the cooking, the cleaning. As the idiot male in these households sits and sip the tea claiming to be the head of the household, blame the salt in the food and the stain on the shirt what he does is spit into the same womb he came from.

No all males are not same, and I don’t think they are the majority in our society either. But the fact is that some of them even hold very respectable positions in our society and sadly the society is perfectly OK with it. I am not generalizing but yes there are many men who feel women are below them and this documentary is a slap on their face and also on those who let these men carry on.

Our society gives the lawyers and the convicts the muscle to say these derogatory statements on women in public. That is what we should be concerned, not a British film maker making a documentary on an Indian rape incident that brings to the world how these animals think and speak.