International Women’s Day & Rahi’s 8th Birthday

DSC_0266You are born on the “International women’s day” and this day every year we celebrate the birthday of the coolest man. But as always I want you to remember a few things about the significance of the day you were born, Women have been the central figure of building our world and still continue so. Yet there are many parts of the world where there is a deep rooted inequality when it comes to various aspects of the civilized society. Work, Home, Education and so on, our civil society world over is still not the way we would love it to be. It is not fully awake and appreciative as it should be, but it is changing and we should use every opportunity to let the world know why equality and equal opportunity matters.

As a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife, a lover and more, women have given men not just a life but also a reason to be happy in it.  As you grow up you should know that respect towards women should be the manliest attribute a man should aim for. You will also find that there are many who think otherwise. And I am sure you will stand up to them fearlessly because women make this world run during the tough times.

Rahi1You will also find many cases where some men would act respectful to every women except the ones close to them. This is a untold psychological disorder many men face. They give less importance to the people most important in their life. I am in no way saying men are all bad but there are aspects of a woman that the world often underplays and as men I think we should acknowledge that more than women. International Women’s Day should be a day all men should look forward to because it celebrates our existence in its most beautiful and loving way.

There is often a wrong belief that men are stronger, but that is not always true because women provide the environment in which the men can act courageous and strong. Men should respect women for the strength, love and patience they pour into the world every day and every moment so life could move on unhindered.

I wish you the strength to stand against what you feel is wrong and never be a silent spectator to world around. A man’s success is the life he leads and not what he makes…. And the world will love you for the way you love others.

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