Happy 9th Rahi – Always Stand Up for those who cannot

Rahi2Dear Rahi,
Another year passed by and again it is time to write for you. I think this is one of the most favorite things I do in any year. Happy Birthday to you and Happy International Women’s Day.

The world we live in now is much different from the world that I grew up. Well not different technically but it has changed a lot. There are good and bad ways in how it changed. Most of what changed for the bad were in our control or even now we can do something to change or reverse it.

All this will change again and we all will again adapt and grow with it. You know about the climate change and you know why it is important for us to preserve the planet we have, because thats all we have now. Over time you have learned that Santa Clause is not real and so are many other characters people still believe in. You have learned that love and respect are the most important things in life. You have grown up to know a lot of things and I am happy that many good things you learned are not from me but from your own observation of the world around you. Keep that going always.

Rahi-4As you grow the world will change again, some things might get worse and some things will get better. A person like you is very important and relevant to this world and that is what I want to talk to you about today. One of the most happiest moments in my life was when I heard from someone that you never allow people to bully others. The day I heard that I felt I wanted to be in your class and your friend, may be sit in your table and play with you during recess. I know you would take care of me. But you know I cannot grow younger and be a kid again, but I can see you grow to be the one on whom people can rely on, people can depend on.

There are bullies among adults too and you will learn as you grow up. There are many in this world who cannot speak for themselves, People who feel weak and so do not stand up against those who bully them. But in real they are not weak, they just need a friend to tell them they can be strong. They need someone who can keep a hand on their shoulder so they can feel safe and strong. I want you to be that person extending your hand to as many people as possible. To know that when you do that you also will get all the help you need from others.

When this year started you read the book ‘I Am Malala’ and since then you have been reading about her and watching the documentaries about her. You have learned that standing up for what is right is not always easy, but we are not born to do the easy things, but to do the things that are right not just for us but for many more people in this Rahi6world. We might be alone in what we do, it can become scary, but then you are not like others. The light can never fear the darkness and you are the light and people around you need you to shine so they can see the world ahead and find their way home.

I know I blabber but then I said this is the best thing I do in the whole year. Today on your 9th Birthday I wish you all the best and want you to stand up for all the people who cannot stand up for themselves. And as Malala says

I speak not for myself but for those without voice… those who have fought for their rights… their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated.

Rahi, Shine through this world for there are many in the dark, give them the sight of a free and equal world. Stand up and Speak Up for all those who need a little help

Love You and Proud of You

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