Rahi Turns 6

DSC_0001Rahi… Wishing you a great year ahead…

There are always choices in life… Choices to do the right thing, to do the wrong thing or be indifferent…. I wish that you always have these choices because there are many in this world who do not have these choices… They are pushed to a corner in life without the Luxury of choices… acknowledge them, understand them…

Strive for the right choices…. But understand wrong choices are just as human.. you might in life make some wrong choices… some wrong turns that take you to places you never wanted to go to…. But I wish you always have the appreciation of life to turn back when you know….

I wish that you will never be indifferent towards life and people… indifference is inhuman…. it forgets that human beings have a responsibility to care for one another… You might not be able to solve all the ills and problems in the world…. but a considerate tear, a pat on the shoulder, a warm hug, an appreciation… irrespective of the vocation you choose these will make a huge impact and difference in life…..

Today when you turn six… There are six thoughts that come to my mind that I want to share with you

You are born on the International Women’s day…. Respect Women
Be compassionate… question yourself when you cannot cry
Love life…. Drive on the road that is best for you and the world you live
Know that life does not end with every mistake you make
Your mom has given you a smile.. take good care of it
And that bad temper from me…. get rid of it πŸ™‚

When you were born we made choices for you… your food, your dresses, even toys… when you grow you will make these choices and many more for yourself….. Your choices Rahi are what makes and shapes your life…….. Good or Bad they are all yours…. Own up every choice you make…

Wishing you a great year ahead Rahi……

Since it is also International Women’s Day here is a quote I heard once and you should always remember

A Man Who Treats His Girl Like A Princess
Is Proof He Was Raised By A Queen

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  1. Indeed he got to treat his girlfriend like a princess cause his mom is definitely a Queen πŸ˜‰
    Nice message for Rahi, am sure he will take them to the right spirit πŸ™‚



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