Rahi turns 7 today….


Rahi 7th BirthdayLast two years I had written a post when you turned 5 and when you turned 6 and today you are turning 7… Every time I write I don’t always know if you can fully comprehend what I want to say…. but I still write because some day you might read… and you will understand…. I also write just to remind you that you are born on international women’s day.. so respect women….

This year you have a special gift…. you have your grandma visiting you…. I know it is my mom too and I am happy having her next to me… but this trip is not about me, it is about you and your sister and your grandma…. for the next 6 months you people will rule this Rahi Rheahouse… yes including your studies… because she is going to teach you people both math and malayalam… 🙂

Jokes apart… these times are something you will cherish because now you have grownup to stack memories in your mind so you can remember later in life… and I can see that as you sit close to your grandma…. you will cherish these moments….. and you will remember always…. memories have a big bearing on making us….. it at times define us who we are….

On International women’s day and your birthday gift is being close to your grandma… a lady who fought against every odd to bring up me and your aunt….. it was a tough ride and she steered the ship all through i…. She did a great job in bringing us up….. and we are no where close to what she has done as an individual….

Rahi ushaSadly there are still many people in this world who think men are above women…. but every man is indebted to a womb and as a matter of men don’t carry a womb…. in short every man is indebted to women… both for his birth and what he is worth as a human being…. the lowest of male life forms in this world are who treat women bad….

Your mother, your sister, the girl you will love, your daughter…. you are indebted to each one of them….. yes things at times do fall out in life… but the point is knowing that there is a fallout and making up for it…. when you grow I will tell you more about me and the women I have known…. what I was and what I am…. and how I am indebted to the women in my life…

So Happy Birthday to you and Love your women Rahi… Love and respect your women….



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