Rahi Turns 5 Today!

People wake up daily to something special. Some wake up only to the smell of fresh brewed hot coffee, some wake up dreaming of the breakfast they will have. Some wake up because their unfinished work from yesterday sets the alarm. All have their reasons, but mine is too special that I wait the whole night just to wake up to it.

I wake up every morning thinking of waking you up. I know you don’t like me disturb your sleep every single day, but kiddo; for me that is what I look forward to every day. When I pick you up from the bed you always say “I need my blanket”. I then wrap the blanket over you and hold you tight as you sit on my lap. For the next 5 minutes as you slowly wake up to your day; what you give me is the best 5 minutes of my day.

Every day when you sit on my lap I wonder how fast you grow, and I know a day will come when you will wakeup yourself and may be even call me in the morning. I know that might happen, but I want to tell you today that how much ever you grow, you will always have a place on my lap. Never ever think twice when you want to show your love and give me a hug because any time, any day it means the world to me.

Today you turn 5 and I know you are excited for the cake and the presents but first let me enjoy this 5 precious minutes of my day as you sit calmly on my lap wrapped in the blanket with no hurry to get down and run away. You remind me when I held you first when you were born. I also wish that this 5 minutes I have with you will grow as you grow older every year…

Now like every dad, I too have to give an advice on your birthday. You might be a bit young to understand this now but I hope that some day when you read this you will know what I meant.

There are some things you cannot change and one such thing is your birth date. You were born on the International women’s day. Some would say that makes you a ladies man, I don’t have any complains about that :). But what I want to tell you today is that this day the world commemorates and celebrates the contributions and achievements of women.

In the long life ahead of you I wish you today that you will always remember this day and treat the women in your life as an equal contributor and benefactor of the world around you; with respect, dignity, love and affection. I want to also let you know that it is not the might that makes a man but the respect he has for the women and his fellow men.

Happy Birthday Rahi!

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  1. Happy Birthday Rahi, I feel very special when I said to the doctor we would like to bring you on this day – which is Intl. Women’s Day Too …and your dad has given the advise …believe in it and act on it 🙂 God Bless You
    With all my love to you
    Yours Mom!!!

  2. Well said : ” it is not the might that makes a man but the respect he has for the women and his fellow men.”

  3. Blow out the candles,wish away,You are the superstar of the day Happy birthday Rahi….

  4. Happy bday to the little one


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