Rahi Turns Four Today

Today is my son’s birthday. He is turning 4 and I am approaching my 40th. When he approaches his 40th, I will be heading for my 76th, not bad at all.

Love towards their offspring is not just a human trait; all animals have it. But only we humans are often put with the dilemma of choosing the right side and the side where their offspring is. This is a tough choice for all because on one hand we don’t want to support the wrong side and the other hand we don’t want to feel
like we disown our offspring. Also we are troubled with the question if we are at fault in upbringing our offspring.

One of my friend once quoted his son’s doctor who while handing over his son told him “He is like a blank tape, and you can record whatever you want on him”. This is so profound a statement and when I look at my son today, I wonder what all would I want him to learn. While I can come up with a big wish list, I think I should narrow it down to make it easy for him.

  • Always be free to laugh and cry when you want
  • Be considerate to those in pain
  • Don’t take shit from others and don’t treat others like shit
  • Never stress your life for time is not in your control
  • Give yourself to the serene and smooth flow of nature
  • Dance when you hear the music and let the music always play in your life
  • Listen to the silence whenever you can, you will always find new tunes to life
  • Always be true for there is nothing you have to lose or gain
  • Make it your responsibility to be happy

Happy Birthday Rahi!!