Getting Traffic Through Seasonal Content Posts

As content creators we want our content to be evergreen, always relevant and always bringing traffic to our web properties…. While that is a good strategy to have not everything is for every time… there are seasonal content that one needs to take advantage of…

Now seasons come year long and repeat every year, like festivals, shopping days, holidays, major events such as sports or entertainment events such as Oscars… you can find many such seasonal events to write about….I had known its existence but I saw it in action early this month when I had a huge increase in traffic during the few days

when it was the New Year festival in my home state Kerala in India…. I saw this and then realized, if I had written the same for every festival I knew that would have increased my existing traffic a lot… so I decided I am going to it…

Here are some thoughts

  1. Find the seasonal events you want to write about.. again don’t write if you don’t feel like… will make you look fake
  2. Have it noted somewhere the dates of these events and link to your sites
  3. Plan a strategy of promoting the content before the day arrives…. You will get organic content but with some additional effort you can improve that
  4. May be you can add a few pointers of that event with some current information, some aspect that are only relevant to that year’s event… This one I am still thinking about, but not sure how it will work..
  5. And finally Enjoy the traffic and Engage in conversations or in similar words “Engage and Enjoy”

But before we do that we wanted to share that with my readers…. You guys have fun creating and consuming content, it is not bad for health….

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