I am an Indian Male and I won’t generalize

As an Indian Male I want to share my thought on the following news German Professor denies internship to Indian male citing rape problem  as I saw some people share this and say this is an effect of the Documentary India’s Daughter. That in my opinion is not fully true.  The “India’s daughter” documentary does not generalize all Indian males to be rapists, but people with prior prejudice can use that as a reason like they will find every reason to push a prejudice to fruition.

If an educated professor denies internship to an Indian male citing “rape problem in India” she must surely have acted on a prejudice she already has and she must have been trying to do that and push it on the documentary. I don’t think she can even claim she does not know much about India because India is not a country you can ignore living in this world. And thanks to the Ambassador Michael Steiner for writing that open letter and condemning the act.

I am an Indian male and I was not offended by the documentary but I sure was offended by what the professor did because I do not think racial bias is a made up illusion, it is a reality, it exists in many places for many individual people, some subtle and some obvious, some covered and some open; It exists. But again with this incident I will not generalize all German professors for what one German professor did because ‘I cannot be her” I am an Indian male.

I am an Indian male and for me women  have equal rights and respect in the society. I am an Indian male who upholds freedom of speech not just of Indians but also of other nationalities. I will not be offended if a documentary tries to bring to light an ill that needs a change. A documentary on rape in India does not define me as an Indian male and a German professor with a (potentially) racist bend cannot change how I think about German professors because I am an Indian Male and I will not generalize


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