Unlock what is left

I have wandered into places from where
dreams seem so far away
even if they have to catch up with reality
they would look like loud screams
that go on echoing itself into eternity

Life ahead can look green, orange, coffee color
and sometimes plain black and white with
pink dots on them..
you can only see the pick dots on the white
in the black they exist but not visible
like the scars in the future left
as your past bullies your present

And there is one single human motion
that can change everything, it is a motion
of one hand and you make it on vacant space
just like turning a page
one flip and a whole life is in the past…..
that single motion is what is
missing in the lives of many

I know it is weird but it gets weirder as
Time flies, or walks or crawls….
Time moves because it can’t opt stationary…
But even time looks for that single motion, that one flip
to die and be born again
and man needs to know how to be at the side of time
when it dies…

And regrets…? Yes they are all put in a vault
and it has double locks…
double number locks to be precise
one number is lost in the past and
the other one is way in the future
somewhere you can reach only after this
time dies…. And best of luck with that

Also regrets don’t decide life anymore
it just paints images of you dressed in
long pants with your knees sticking out
like they don’t care if they are
inside or outside.

And one last piece of advice
what you need to do is; take a scissors,
cut the pants just above the knees
and throw out the rest…..
walk into the middle of the street and dance
because you have nothing to lose anymore….