Poetically Complete – Poem#4 – National Poetry Month

bench-and-tree-1-1221201-mFor me to write something
I would first need to accept
that I know nothing

And then slowly I should
let myself free and just
wait, and wait and wait

Sometimes this can go on for a long time
Hours, days or months or years
I do have many dried pens in my shelf

But then over time you realize
that writing a poem just makes
you more incomplete

And in incompleteness people see hope
a need to grow, you see enough room
into which you can blossom

So every poem makes a poet incomplete
till that last one that makes
him insignificant and poetically dead

So if you are on the waiting leg
Keep waiting because you don’t want to
be complete and die early

If you have a choice; choose incompleteness
one after the other, little by little
till nothing, not another poem
can make you more incomplete and then
you will become poetically complete

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