Green Shut Windows – Poem 3 – National Poetry Month 2015

I have planted a rose by that same corner
the same corner that you can see
if you ever open your green window….
Well; to be honest ‘planted’
would not be the right word
I have ‘buried’ a rose by that same corner

I had removed the petals very carefully
and had the stem laid down neatly
I used the thorn to drop a few
of my own bitter red on the stem
I know people say thorns are vegetarian, but
I know roses are cannibals,they like the taste
of human blood, but
you had once said I was no more a human
so I am not sure if what I did was right

For twenty years or was it thirty?
see I have lost count again….
I lose some part of time every day.
Today it is the count of years…
(Silence) (Silence) Silence)

So let me say again
For so many years (Count unknown)
I have waited by that corner
thinking time will walk back with me
and make a stop on that fateful day
as you drove past me and smiled
at my dark future which I am sure
you had no idea of
that one last time
that one last smile

but nothing like that happened…..
time did not go back,
it just did not come
All I can remember is staring
at that green window,
and it never opened
the corner became so lonely
and the rose I had bought for you died
and I had to bury it

With that rose I have also buried this poem
I wrote this not for you but
for that poor dead buried rose….
whose petals I have carefully removed
like I today painfully dismembered
the only memories I had of you
I have decided not to waste my life
in any corner from where I can
see only shut windows
most importantly,
when they are green windows

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