The Drunk – Poem#2 – National Poetry Month 2015

The drunk knew so much
He would drink every day afternoon
all the way till midnight
He had to forget everything he knew
because he never trusted the night.
With the night, with every moment of sleep
all his knowledge came back….

Even the nightmares turned into huge
Volumes of encyclopedia that would
play tricks with his memories like they were
some rainbow colored billiard balls,
pocketing every information
together in a single stroke

He did not trust the nights because
with every dream stop he made,
he would buy so many books…
Literature, poetry, stories, philosophy
and religious texts as dessert…
He would let all this information collide and
wage war against each other. And
while he slept these dreams would tear apart
every element of ignorance that he so
passionately carried with him

He did not trust the nights because the
nights would make him so robotic,
it would build him up from zero to infinity
He knew the importance of a zero but infinity
he could never cope with that while sober
So he would start drinking every afternoon
all the way till midnight

He wanted to forget everything every day
because he did not trust the nights
And then finally one day came,
a day when he forgot just that simple piece of information….
He forgot to drink…….
He could not remember a thing about the world
He was like a blank slate on which nothing
could be legibly written…..
He was no more a drunk and
he had nothing more to forget
he was free because he did not know nights from days
and he did not have to any more fear
about remembering anything
He was so totally drunk once and for all