The Three Poets – Poem #1 – National Poetry Month 2015

“Writing a poetry is much like
giving birth” said a poet
“but delivery is not that painful”
said another one.
“I can still feel the pain of the
countless still births that hang on
to me” said a third person who had some
hesitation in claiming to be a poet

“My still born poems come at night and call me
they ask me to call out to the world
that their half existence is the reason
for my full existence”
The other two poets looked at each other
“Do you mean to say that some still births are
more important than being born?”

“I don’t know” said the poet who still hesitated
to be called one
“I am just saying that still birth is more painful
if poetry is like giving birth.”
He wiped his tears with the nib of his pen
the already drunk pen sucked the tears
to mix a cocktail with ink
“I have suffered more incompletion than
a sense of being full”
He closed his eyes

“Yes I know” said the first poet
“it is the time of the year” said the second one
“April, it is a tough time” the first poet added
“April…?” asked the half poet
“Yes April” replied the second poet
“April is the Cruelest Month”
The first poet kissed the second poet
“cruel…. April is the Cruelest Month”
they all repeated and hugged
and kissed each other

The half poet had finally come a full circle
and was born and will now know the
pain of existence… because
April is the cruelest month because
April is the cruelest month

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