Religious Freedom or Freedom from Religion

Any Bill that can potentially place LGBT people, people of color, religious minorities, women and many more people at risk of discrimination is inherently uncivilized and wrong. Yes I am talking about the protests against the  Bills in Indiana and Arizona

If you are one of those people who think that discrimination if it happens in the name of religious freedom is OK, then you have to really revisit the moral grounds on which you stand. If you OK this you are also nodding Yay  to the countless atrocities being committed across the world in the name of religion.

If you think freedom of religion is important; it is even more important for people to have freedom from religion. People should be able to live in the world without religion infiltrating into their life if they don’t want it to. That should be a basic right of every individual

If you have problem with people of color you should know that all of our roots can be traced to a colored man and woman. If you think humans are descendants of Adam and Eve, then accept that they were colored too.

Now if your problem is with the LGBT community then understand the possibility that you could have been born to parents who were homosexuals who failed to come out of the closet. Once you accept that possibility you will start seeing this world in a whole new way more acceptable and inclusive.

It is high time people understand that religious freedom is not above basic common sense and the sense of being human.

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