The PenPositive NatureWalk and Photo Project Starts

8626420_origToday April 11th I took my first nature walk with Rahi, not that I am a big nature person myself, but I understand we are connected with nature in ways we no more have the time to appreciate and so when he had this activity for the spring break, I said sure, lets try…

As we started he asked me “Why do we have Nature Walks”
And since I have not had many I had to find an answer. I told him that we all get so busy that we forget to see the simple things in life

He asked “What are simple things?”
I smiled “It is simple and important… like hugging you, spending time with you, going on nature walks, stopping and looking at flowers, finding a squirrel and enjoying the time together”

“Oh…” he said. I guess it is important to also tell kids how to not be busy and how to find life as time flies.

He said” I wish I had a Camera”
I said “Sure you will have one”
We went back home and grabbed mine… the small one did not have enough charge… He went ahead and took some snaps and some I helped….

We spent just above half hour but it is worth a lot…. and here are the snaps we took… We are going to have these regularly and will post the pictures here.

And Vola! A new PenPositive Project was born 🙂

Vinod and Rahi

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