Forgotten Stranger – Poem#12 – National Poetry Month

cinema-483198_1280We have no idea of all the people
We are introduced in our lifetime
not names, even faces or even the count
We don’t remember everyone we know

There are some people we consistently connect
Across years and decades
as they take part in everything that happen to us
But the special appearances, we just forget

Some special appearances do impact
Both positive and negative
Some leave lasting impressions
and some gift scars to remember them

If a person’s life could be drawn
on a piece of blank paper
A line for every impact by another person
What would your scribble talk?

If you have red dot for every positive impact
and a Black one for a negative impact
What would be the color of your paper life
Black or Red?

If you write a word for every person you remember
Put them together all over the paper
Can you fill it with no more space?
and what will it convey

We meet so many people in life
many of them strangers till then
Some impact; some don’t;
some remain strangers even after that

It is not just us
we too exist unknown for many
Our unknown existence in other people’s life
Should we be bothered about it?

May be not, May be yes
But yes we too can be forgotten
Who are those people in whose life
we too have become that forgotten stranger

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