Support for Yukthi Yugam (Age of Reason) Magazine

4284391_1429685368.9247Irrationality has made two things possible in our world. First it has made otherwise good people commit dreadful crimes and get away with it. Secondly it has made incredibly wise people be duped without ever being ready to even admit it. This happens because of the lack of a persistent effort to fight irrationality in our society. Superstitions, frauds, quackery, unscientific practices all force the sane to act insane and hurt themselves and others. Irrationality shreds our habitable social fabric.

The Yukthi Yugam Magazine in Kerala has been in the forefront of the fight against irrationality. Yukthi Yugam translates itself as “Age of Reason” and was started in 2013.

I want to share this fund raising campaign with you that will help in the publishing and promotion of the magazine and initiatives that has over years debunked several irrational fraudulent activities in the society and continues to do ongoing programs and events to raise awareness against irrationality and fanaticism in our society and promote rational thought and scientific temper.

You can visit the Yukthiyugam Website here

You can also donate to the magazine by going to the GoFundMe Website

Irrespective of which part of the world we live. We all want a world where we know we can reason with one another, a world where we know that we all share the same light the light of reason that will lead us to a life of reason.


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