Writing and Publishing – How to Go About

flea-market-237460_1280Being a published Author is a dream for many and the book publishing landscape has changed tremendously making it easier for people to publish a book both print and digital. While there is a significant difference between self-publishing and being published through a reputed publishing house, self-publishing is here to stay with more writers who will continue to self-publish.

One of the biggest difference people call out is that self-publishing lacks the marketing muscle power that the big publishing houses have. This however should not be a deterrent to you because when barrier of entry is reduced it is natural that the competition to become successful will become more severe.

It is a fact that there is so much self-publishing happening and being noticed within that commotion is a challenge, but what every writer has in hand at their disposal is the power of the internet to reach and be noticed. The channels to sell over internet is also available.

If you have a book written, you can have it available on Amazon.com, you can use their network as well as your social network and targeted advertising to take it to people. You can begin with local marketing and events and then expand. There are so many avenues to be noticed, it just takes time and effort.

What I don’t want to do is to say that you can just write and publish and you will find readers. No you won’t. It takes time and effort. But that time of sending manuscripts and waiting for approval or rejection can be eliminated, you can take charge and if you believe in what you have to tell and you have time to invest, you can be happy with your effort and the results of it. A best seller is everyone’s wish, but before becoming a best seller you need to get your work out there to buy… The point is you can get it out there faster than ever before.

My personal recommendation would be to start writing, get a mentor who can work with you and build your way through. Find a niche, discuss what interests you and do it

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