My Favorite TED Videos – Part 2

This Part 2 of My Favorite TED Videos Series and the comments here are the comments that I share in the TED website…

Theaster Gates: How to revive a neighbourhood: with imagination, beauty and art
Transforming something is an achievement because it connects the past and present and creates a view into the future….. Theaster, Thanks for sharing your experience and learn

Brian Dettmer: Old books reborn as art
Brian, As a book lover I am not sure what to make of this…. But I think there is art and creativity in what you do and after seeing your talk I was wondering how I should think. But then I also know that county libraries in many places least are destroying print books that they cannot keep them and have started relying on digital copies… It is said there is a push for digital to benefit large corporate… but it is also true that slowly things will move digital…. then I realized it would be great if you could do that with the books that these counties discard.. Do you think you could take up a project like that…?

Mundano: Pinp my…trash cart?
Mundano, giving a color and meaning to an invisible yet so important part of our society…. Kudos to you…. We connect and know more about your activities

Haas&Hahn: How painting can transform communities
Though I believe in the power of the word over the color or ink; I think for your work, I will make a big exception and stick to it 🙂 color allows transformation not just from the close range but from a distance that transforms the world as it closes near to the art…

Uldus Bakhtiozina: Wry photos that turn stereotypes upside down
Uldus, we are a generation where we are cursed by stereotypes…. Cursed I say because we all know it is not good, but many of us are still enslaved in its clutches… I am not sure if there is a total freedom from that thought, but yes an on going reality check to see if you are looking at the world around as stereotypes… I hope your art work will break some norms and keep them broken…Cheers!!!!

Pico Iyer: Where is home?
Pico, Home is where you stand…. interesting… and to pick something from you earlier talk… it is not that physical, it is where you reach when you are still…. and every movement takes you away from home…. but then stillness is not easy and so a good number of us are lost and moving farther…. the hope is you can get home anytime… did I catch that right?

Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America
Clint, It is important that you do what you do…. and it is important that people realize that self checks on prejudices is the first step towards removing them from ones mind… somethings take time because we are pattern animals and pattern searching is always not good…..

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