Fireballs from Bubbles

11204870_10153364629997383_9030185677539111986_nYesterday I posted a picture of Rahi and told the story of how he gave the change (after buying ice cream) to a girl who he did not know and did not have enough money. The picture got so many likes and comments and people said how cute and good he is etc.. etc… and while I thank everyone for their kind words, I want to add that there is nothing special about Rahi in doing that…

I believe any kid would do the same…. each and every kid that age will do that. They do not look at money the way adults look at it or are expected to look. Every kid (not just Rahi) considers people much above what is in the purse. A sad face is what troubles them than an empty purse. And they are more happy and their eyes brighten with a smile rather than a dollar bill

DSC_0348But things change and over time some kids outgrow this innocence (every kid including Rahi) and they become practical and learn to love (or value) the purse more than people. It is not just about parents, but about the surrounding, situations, opportunities, education and a lot other factors that contribute to this.

I have always thought as a parent what is it that we want? and not always have I got the right answer, or I should say an answer that I have been happily convinced with.

But I think I one thing I am sure…. We should allow kids to make fire ball out of soap bubbles… make something out of nothing and then have a heart to give it all away if needed.


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  1. This is all so true.

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