The Brown-White; Indian-American Syndrome – #AskBobby

coffee-mugs-459324_1280We all know (including Bobby Jindal) that there is a problem. But the difference is he thinks it is his Indian origin where as we all know it is him trying to hide it.

While I think that Bobby Jindal has all right to not term himself as an ‘Indian American’ if he wishes to, that is such a bad move as a politician in a nation that is so diverse.

His #askbobby hashtag is a disaster that will go on. I have been following some of them and did not see even one question that looks like it was one the hashtag was intended for. This is one of the biggest social media fiascos that can happen. I am just happy that I don’t know the person who ran that campaign. Not that if the hashtag was not there he would have made it. At least he and his campaign could have saved some embarrassment.

The sad part is some of the questions really border on racism, but I guess it should not matter to Bobby because he does not like to be termed as ‘Indian American’ and we all know how he made his portrait look….. 🙂 And here are some really hilarious tweets (or questions) people are asking Bobby  🙂

  1. What’s your favorite Indian dish? And would Jesus win a fight with Vishnu?
  2. How have your policies helped low-income women gain access to basic reproductive care? Oh, wait…
  3. I look at your portrait and get that you identify as White. But after looking at your record, why do you identify as “electable”?
  4. When are widely disliked famous people going to learn how Twitter works?!?
  5. Barack Hussein Obama ran for the Presidency under his real full name. not “Barry”. You ain’t Bobby your name is Piyush. Own it.
  6. Louisiana ranks 44th in the US for overall public education performance with a D+ grade. Whose fault is this & why is it Obama’s?
  7. Who on your team thought a Twitter Q&A wouldn’t open your awful ideas to mockery, and when will you fire them?
  8. If gays get married and no conservatives are around to throw a fit, does it still violate their religious freedom?
  9. How does it feel to erase every part of your heritage and still not be able to get a seat at the table?
  10. Do you pretend to hate spicy food in front of your white friends?
  11. Gov. Jindal: If elected President, how will you exorcise basic human rites?
  12. If a Rhodes scholar panders to Christian anti-science sentiments & no one outside Louisiana listens, does he make a sound?
  13. Louisiana is #1 supplier of shellfish in USA. Based on Leviticus 11:12, what’s ur plan for legal discrimination? Will u ban it?
  14. Do you plan to put America into a hole like you did with Louisiana?
  15. What’s it like being a Rhodes scholar who won’t stand up for higher LA public school standards
  16. Have you figured out who started the internet prank that you’re running for President?
  17. What is the difference between you and a toilet?
  18. Many have responded to the news of your candidacy with laughter. Thoughts?

I don’t think these tags had anything to do with his Indian American comment, seems like people just waiting for something to come and he made it so easy with his twitter #tag

For me I was more amused by his constant struggle to brand himself as an American instead of an Indian American and I did not tweet much on that and just did one… but I had a few in stock which I will put here….

  1. I am so sad to see an ‘Indian American’ become a laughing stock; Can I cry and will you join?
  2. Did you know that Curry is also the name for a ‘dish with gravy’ in India and not an NBA player?
  3. How did you manage to tan from white to brown in 44 years?
  4. I am an Indian and you are an American; Together we are still Indian American right? Wrong?
  5. Can the color Brown be included in a Rainbow?
  6. What did you say was wrong with the name Piyush?
  7. It is said even in india people have started calling themselves Americans; what are your thoughts?

You can go on and on with this but what I really wanted to say is that Mr. Bobby Jindal might be thinking I know you might be wondering who these ‘Indian Americans’ are and you can check on wikipedia and here are the list of some famous Indian Americans as per the wiki… It has your name too but I have struck it here so you don’t get offended


  • Geeta Menon, Dean of the Undergraduate College at New York University Stern School of Business
  • Rakesh Khurana, Dean of Harvard College
  • Jamshed Bharucha, President of Cooper Union
  • Vijay K. Dhir, Dean of the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Dinesh D’Souza, President of The King’s College
  • Dipak C. Jain, Dean of INSEAD and former Dean of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
  • Pramod P. Khargonekar, Dean of College of Engineering at University of Florida
  • Renu Khator, Chancellor of the University of Houston System and President of the University of Houston
  • Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor of the University of California, San Diego
  • Vijay Kumar, Associate Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Pennsylvania
  • Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School
    Beheruz Sethna, President of the University of West Georgia
  • Dr. Paul Shrivastava, Distinguished Professor and Director, David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Concordia University
  • Molly Easo Smith, President of Manhattanville College
  • Anjli Jain, Executive Director of CampusEAI Consortium
  • Subra Suresh, President of Carnegie Mellon University
  • Satish K. Tripathi, President of University at Buffalo
  • Kumble R. Subbaswamy, Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amhers


  • Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar, mathematician, singularity theory and Abhyankar’s conjecture of finite group theory
  • Raghu Raj Bahadur, statistician
  • Manjul Bhargava, is a professor of mathematics at Princeton University
  • Harish-Chandra, mathematician
  • Sarvadaman Chowla, mathematician specializing in number theory
  • Narendra Karmarkar, mathematician, inventor of Karmarkar algorithm
  • Chandrashekhar Khare, professor of mathematics at the University of California Los Angeles
  • G. S. Maddala, mathematician and economist best known for his work in the field of econometrics
  • Anil Nerode, mathematician, proved the Myhill-Nerode Theorem
  • K. C. Sreedharan Pillai, mathematician
  • Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao, mathematician
  • S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan, NYU mathematician who specialised in probability, winner of the Abel Prize and Steele Prize.
  • Akshay Venkatesh, mathematician.


  • Sugata Bose,professor of History in the Harvard University
  • Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, Professor of microbiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • C. R. Rao
  • Anant Agarwal, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory MIT
  • Ramesh Agarwal, William Palm Professor of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Pulickel M. Ajayan, is a professor of Material Science at Rice University
  • Salman Akhtar, Professor at the Jefferson Medical College
  • Muzaffar Alam, Professor in South Asian Languages & Civilizations at University of Chicago
  • Akhil Amar, Professor of Law at Yale Law School
  • Vikram Amar, Professor of Law at the University of California, Davis School of Law
  • Abhay Ashtekar, Professor of Physics at Pennsylvania State University
  • Satya N. Atluri, Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at University of California, Irvine
  • P.S. Ayyaswamy, Professor of Dynamical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Homi K. Bhabha, Professor at Harvard University
  • Jagdish Natwarlal Bhagwati, Professor of economics at Columbia University.
  • Alok Bhargava, Professor of Economics at University of Maryland School of Public Policy
  • Sugata Bose, Professor of History Harvard University
  • Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, Professor of microbiology at University of Illinois at Chicago
  • K. Mani Chandy, Professor of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology
  • V. V. Chari, Professor of economics at the University of Minnesota
  • Raj Chetty, Professor of economics at Harvard University
  • Naresh Dalal, Dirac Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University
  • Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University
  • Ashok Das, Professor of Physics at University of Rochester
  • Avinash Kamalakar Dixit, Professor of Economics at Princeton University
  • Ashok Gadgil, Professor in civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Rajit Gadh, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles
  • Bhargav Gajjar: (Gujarati:ભાગૅવ ગજજર) Aerospace robotics scientist, educator, entrepreneur from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and founder of bioinspired robotics company Vishwa Robotics
  • Anirvan Ghosh, Professor at the University of California, San Diego
  • Kausalya Hart, scholar of Tamil language at UC Berkeley
  • Narayan Hosmane, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Northern Illinois University
  • Ravi Jagannathan, Professor at the Kellogg School of Management
    Rakesh Jain, Professor of Tumor Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Harvard Medical School
  • Anil K. Jain (computer scientist, born 1948), Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University
  • Anil K. Jain (electrical engineer, born 1946), Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Davis
  • Jainendra K. Jain, Professor of Physics Pennsylvania State University
  • John Jain, Reproductive endocrinologist at Lyan Institute of Fertility Research
  • Piyare Jain, Professor Emeritus at University at Buffalo
  • Raj Jain, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Sachin H. Jain, American physician and health policy analyst at Harvard Medical School
  • S. Lochlann Jain, Associate Professor in the Anthropology Department at Stanford University
  • Aravind Joshi, Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Nazir Jairazbhoy, Professor of folk and classical music of South Asia at University of California at Los Angeles.
  • Thomas Kailath, Professor of Engineering at Stanford University
  • Avinash Kak, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University
  • M. A. Muqtedar Khan, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware
  • Ravindra Khattree, Professor of statistics at Oakland University
  • Shrinivas Kulkarni, Professor of astrophysics and planetary science at Caltech.
  • Jagadeesh Moodera, is an American physicist of Indian origin and is a senior research scientist at MIT’s Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
  • Bharati Mukherjee ,author, professor in the department of English at the University of California, Berkeley
  • C. M. Naim, scholar of Urdu language and literature at University of Chicago
  • Jaishree Odin, Professor of post-modern literary theorist at the University of Hawaii
  • Arvind Panagariya, Professor of Economics at Columbia University
  • Arogyaswami Paulraj, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University
  • Shwetak Patel, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at University of Washington
  • C.K. Prahalad, Professor of Corporate Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business in the University of Michigan
  • Vijay Prashad, Professor of International Studies at Trinity College
  • Ishwar K. Puri, N. Waldo Harrison Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Tech
  • V.S. Ramachandran Professor with the Psychology and Neurosciences University of California, San Diego
  • Debraj Ray, Silver Professor of Economics, New York University
  • C. R. Rao, Professor at Penn State University and Research Professor at the University at Buffalo
  • K. R. Rao, Professor at University of Texas at Arlington
  • J. N. Reddy, Professor and holder of the Oscar S. Wyatt Endowed Chair in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University
  • Subir Sachdev Professor of Physics Harvard University
  • Deepak Sarma, Professor of Religious Studies at Case Western Reserve University
  • Krishna Saraswat, Professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University
  • Ricky J. Sethi, Professor of Computer Science at Fitchburg State University and Director of Research at The Madsci Network
  • Amit Sheth, computer scientist at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio
  • Jagdish Sheth, Professor of Marketing at Goizueta Business School of Emory University
  • Jagdish Shukla, Professor at George Mason University
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Professor at Columbia University
  • Marti G. Subrahmanyam, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University
  • Sanjay Subrahmanyam, holder of Navin and Pratima Doshi Chair of Indian History and scholar at UCLA
  • Madhu Sudan, Professor of Computer Science at MIT
  • Mriganka Sur, Professor of Neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Vijay Vazirani, Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Umesh Vazirani, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Medha Yodh, scholar of classical Indian dance at UCLA

Activists/Civil Rights

  • Bhagat Singh Thind – Civil Rights figure
  • Thomas Abraham, Founder President, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) as well as the National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA)
  • Maya Ajmera, Founder of The Global Fund for Children and author of more than 20 books for children
  • Mahzarin Banaji, best known for a series of studies around exploring gender and racial bias
  • Bhairavi Desai, founding member of the Taxi Workers Alliance in New York
  • Kartar Dhillon, Ghadar Party, labor, and civil rights activist
  • Mallika Dutt, currently the Executive Director of Breakthrough (human rights)
  • Vijaya Lakshmi Emani (1958-2009), social activist
  • Arun Manilal Gandhi, fifth grandson of Mohandas Gandhi
  • Gitanjali S. Gutierrez, lawyer, who is defending Guantanamo prisoners.
  • Abraham George, Philanthropist Humanitarian, Founder of The George Foundation (TGF)
  • Maya Harris, the Executive Director of the ACLU of Northern California and sister of Kamala Harris.
  • Girindra Mukerji, led one of the first Indian-American student protests against colonialism in 1908
  • Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women.
  • Amrit Singh, a staff attorney at the ACLU.
  • Bhagat Singh Thind, civil rights figure, lecturer, author
  • Urvashi Vaid, gay rights activist
  • Inder Singh, Chairman, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)

Arts, entertainment, performance

  • Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014.
  • Rohit Gupta – Film Director.
  • Ashok Amritraj, Hollywood producer
  • Salma Arastu, Artist
  • Rina Banerjee, Artist
  • Prashant Bhargava, Director
  • Jay Chandrasekhar, Director, Actor, Comedian, and Writer
  • Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014
  • San Banarje,independent film maker
  • Rohit Gupta, Film Director, Producer
  • Reef Karim, Actor, director, writer, and producer
  • Mehul Shah, Actor, director, writer, and producer
  • Neeraj Khemlani, a producer at the CBS News 60 Minutes
  • Pooja Kumar, Model
  • Prosenjit Kundu, dancer and choreographer
  • Adam Bhala Lough, Director, Screenwriter
  • Benny Mathews, Film and Music Video Director
  • Faris McReynolds, Painter and Musician
  • Govindini Murty, Co-founder of Liberty film festival
  • Mira Nair, Director and Producer
  • Sunil Nayar, TV Writer and Producer, a Producer of CSI: Miami
  • Yatin Patel, Photographer & Artist
  • Sarayu Rao, Actor and director
  • Ajay Sahgal, Director, Screenwriter and Producer
  • Harish Saluja, Filmmaker
  • Stephanie Sengupta, Producer and Writer
  • Naren Shankar, TV Writer, Producer and Director, an Executive Producer of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Adi Shankar, Producer and Actor
  • M. Night Shyamalan, Director, filmmaker
  • Param Gill, Director, Screenwriter and Producer
  • Tarsem Singh, Director
  • Manick Sorcar, Animator, Artist, and Producer
  • Babu Subramaniam, Director
  • Tina Sugandh, Entertainer
  • Julie Titus, Model, Contestant of America’s Next Top Model
  • Tirlok Malik, Filmmaker and actor

Actors and actresses

  • Mindy Kaling
  • Kal Penn
  • Omi Vaidya
  • Thomas Tevana, Actor
  • Kalpana Pandit, Actress
  • Danny Pudi, Actor
  • Noureen DeWulf, Actress
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy, Actor
  • Navi Rawat, Actress
  • Anjul Nigam, Actor
  • Shishir Kurup, Actor
  • Sheetal Sheth, Actress
  • Tanveer K. Atwal, Actress
  • Ravi Kapoor, Actor
  • Deep Katdare, Actor
  • Waris Ahluwalia, Actor
  • Namrata Singh Gujral, Actress
  • Sonal Shah, Actress
  • Sunkrish Bala, Actor
  • Purva Bedi, Actress
  • Devika Parikh, Actress
  • Janina Gavankar, Actress
  • Sakina Jaffrey, Actress
  • Serena Varghese, Voice Actress
  • Firdous Bamji, Actor
  • Nivedita Kulkarni, Actress
  • Samrat Chakrabarti, Actor
  • Rory Cochrane, Actor
  • Sabu Dastagir, Actor
  • Aasif Mandvi, Actor
  • Ajay Mehta, TV Actor
  • Shelly Malil, Film and TV Actor
  • Ajay Naidu, Actor
  • Maulik Pancholy, Actor
  • Kal Penn, Actor
  • Tiya Sircar,Actress
  • Manish Dayal, Actor
  • Deep Katdare, Actor
  • Raja Fenske, Actor
  • Omi Vaidya, Actor
  • Dileep Rao, Actor
  • Mindy Kaling, Actress
  • Sujata Day, Actress
  • Aziz Ansari, Actor
  • Erick Avari, Actor
  • Karan Brar, Film and TV Actor
  • Summer Bishil, Actress
  • Gabrielle Anwar, actor
  • Tirlok Malik, actor


  • Aziz Ansari, Comedian
  • Arj Barker, Comedian
  • Hari Kondabolu, Comedian
  • Adam Mamawala, Comedian
  • Dan Nainan, Comedian
  • Rajiv Satyal, Comedian
  • Anish Shah, Comedian
  • Azhar Usman, Comedian
  • Paul Varghese, Comedian from Dallas, Texas appeared on Last Comic Standing

Culinary arts

  • Padma Lakshmi
  • H. Jay Dinshah, founded the American Vegan Society
  • Vikas Khanna, Michelin Starred Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Filmmaker, and TV Host
  • Rajat Parr, sommelier
  • Jehangir Mehta, Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, Author
  • Raghavan Iyer, Chef, Author, Culinary Educator

Fashion designers

  • Naeem Khan
  • Vashtie Kola
  • Bibhu Mohapatra
  • Christine Philip
  • Rachel Roy


  • Anchal Joseph, contestant of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7.
  • Padma Lakshmi, Model, Top Chef Host


  • Fareed Zakaria – At the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Fareed Zakaria, columnist for Time Magazine and host of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN
  • Zain Verjee, CNN anchor
  • Shihab Rattansi, CNN International Anchor
  • Aneesh Raman, former CNN Middle East correspondent
  • Ash-har Quraishi, Correspondent, WTTWChicago, former KCTV Chief Investigative Reporter, CNN former Islamabad Bureau Chief
  • Ali Velshi, business news anchor for CNN
  • Vinita Nair, current anchor of World News Now and America This Morning on ABC.
  • Uma Pemmaraju, senior news anchor for Fox News Channel
  • Shibani Joshi, reporter for the Fox Business Network
  • Reena Ninan, Middle East Correspondent for Fox News Channel.
  • Asha Blake, an Emmy award-winning journalist who works for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles.
  • Hari Sreenivasan, correspondent for CBS News and the PBS NewsHour.
  • Priya David, correspondent for CBS News.
  • Sukanya Krishnan, news anchor for CW 11 Morning News on WPIX
  • Shihab Rattansi, news anchor for Al Jazeera English
  • Asra Nomani, journalist
  • Simran Sethi, journalist
  • Rajeev Srinivasan, political commentator and journalist
  • Mish Michaels, meteorologist for the WBZ-TV Weather Team.
  • Deepa Fernandes, host of the WBAI radio program “Wakeup Call”
  • Deepti Hajela, newswoman for the Associated Press
  • Deepak Ananthapadmanabha, online journalist
  • Alpana Singh, television personality
  • Gopal Raju, pioneer of Indian American ethnic media in the United States.
  • Sreenath Sreenivasan, Columbia University professor and WABC-TV technology reporter.
  • Syma Chowdhry, television host, reporter, and producer
  • Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor of National Review magazine
  • Rajiv Chandrasekaran, assistant managing editor for continuous news, The Washington Post, author of Imperial Life in the Emerald City (published by Knopf)
  • Pico Iyer, author and journalist for ”Time magazine, Harper’s Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, and The New York Review of Books
  • Kevin Negandhi sports anchor for ESPN SportsCenter


  • Zubin Mehta
  • Kim Thayil, lead guitarist for Grammy Award-winning rock band Soundgarden.
  • Norah Jones, (one-half Indian), musician, Grammy Award winner, daughter of Ravi Shankar.
  • Tony Kanal, two-time Grammy Award winner, bass player for No Doubt.
  • Sameer Bhattacharya, one of two guitarists in the Texas alternative rock band Flyleaf.
  • Ángel, is of Indian heritage-born American rapper and poet.
  • Mathai, a finalist on The Voice (U.S. season 2)
  • Sanjaya Malakar, a finalist on the sixth season of American Idol.
  • Anoop Desai, a finalist on the eighth season of American Idol.
  • Sameer Gadhia, lead vocalist in Young the Giant
  • Zubin Mehta, former conductor, New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Zarin Mehta, executive director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Vijay Iyer, jazz musician and Composer.
  • Karsh Kale, an Indian producer, composer and musician.
  • Paul Sabu, producer
  • Sunny Jain, dhol player, drummer, and composer
  • Falu, singer and songwriter
  • Bamboo Shoots, dance-rock band
  • Arun Luthra, jazz musician
  • Thara Prashad, singer
  • Ravi Hutheesing, singer-songwriter/guitarist
  • Vasant Rai, performer of Indian music
  • Shaheen Sheik, song-writer
  • Ambi Subramaniam, violinist and composer
  • Bindu Subramaniam, singer songwriter
  • Sanjay Mishra, guitarist and composer
  • Bikram Singh, singer
  • Jeff Bhasker, producer
  • Nicki Minaj, (Indo-trinadadian), pop singer & rapper
  • Das Racist, alternative hip hop group, two of the three members are IndianSavan Kotecha, song-writer

Business Executives

  • Indra Nooyi – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo.
  • Abbas Sadriwala : Chairman and CEO of the Fort Lauderdale-based Wireless Logix Group
  • Abhi Talwalkar : President & CEO, LSI Corporation
  • Ajay Banga : President and CEO of Mastercard
  • Ajit Jain : Possible successor to Warren Buffett
  • Anshu Jain : co-CEO of Deutsche Bank.
  • Arvind Raghunathan : Managing Director and Head of Global Arbitrage at Deutsche Bank.
  • Asim Ghosh : President & Chief Executive Officer at Husky Energy.
  • Dinesh Paliwal : Chairman and CEO, Harman International
  • Francisco D’Souza : CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Nikesh Arora : Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Google Company.
  • Padmasree Warrior : CTO of Cisco Systems
  • Prakash Puram : President and CEO of iXmatch
  • Rajiv Gupta : General Manager of Hewlett Packard
  • Prith Banerjee, Managing Director of Global Technology R&D at Accenture
  • Ranji H. Nagaswami : Chief Investment Officer for AllianceBernstein Fund Investors
  • Ravichandra Saligram : CEO of OfficeMax
  • Rono Dutta : Former President of United Airlines; Chairman of Air Sahara
  • Sanjay Jha : CEO of Global Foundries and former CEO of Motorola Mobile Devices
  • Satya Nadella: CEO of Microsoft
  • Shantanu Narayen : CEO of Adobe Systems
  • Sundar Pichai : Senior Vice President of Google Company for Android, Chrome and Google Apps
  • Bobby Mehta : CEO, Transunion Company.
  • Victor Menezes: Chairman of Clearing House Association, former Chairman and CEO of Citibank
  • Vyomesh Joshi : Executive Vice President of Imaging and Printing Group, Hewlett-Packard Company.
  • Rajeev Suri : CEO of nokia


  • Jhumpa Lahiri, Pulitzer Prize-winning author
  • Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize-winning author
  • Kiran Desai, winner of the 2006 Man Booker Prize
  • Anita Desai, novelist, she has been shortlisted for the Booker prize three times, mother of Kiran Desai.
  • Dhan Gopal Mukerji, First successful Indian man of letters in the U.S., Winner of Newbery Medal 1928
  • Bharati Mukherjee ,author, professor
  • Amitav Ghosh, Indo-nostalgic writer and winner of Prix Médicis étranger
  • Shauna Singh Baldwin, novelist, won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.
  • Ravi Batra, bestselling author and economist
  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author
  • Anu Garg, author, speaker, and computer engineer
  • Tulika Mehrotra, author, journalist
  • Janaki Ram, author
  • Susham Bedi, author
  • Thrity Umrigar, writer
  • S. T. Joshi, literary critic
  • Indira Viswanathan Peterson, literary critic
  • Vijay Seshadri, literary critic
  • Rishi Reddi, author
  • Ravi Shankar, poet
  • Parag Khanna, author
  • Indu Sundaresan, author
  • Siddharth Katragadda, author, filmmaker, artist
  • Rajiv Joseph, playwright
  • Usha Haley, author
  • Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla, author
  • Thrity Umrigar, author of Bombay Time.
  • Aimee Nezhukumatathil, poet
  • Agha Shahid Ali, poet
  • Vikram Seth, poet, novelist, travel writer, librettist, children’s writer, biographer and memoirist
  • Abraham Verghese, noted Doctor and Author; “In My Own Country” and “My Tennis Partner”
  • Kaavya Viswanathan, novelist
  • Saumitra Saxena, Hindi poet, Bharatiya Jnanpith Navlekhana Award winner.


  • Joe Roche, Iraq war veteran and conservative political commentator
  • Uday Singh Taunque, first Indian American to die in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Sudip Bose, an attending emergency medicine physician, educator, entrepreneur, and combat veteran who served as a physician on the front lines in Iraq for nearly 15 months which is one of the longest combat deployments by a physician since World War II
  • Sunil Desai, a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and founder of non profit Girl Rising who has served as an International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations [3][4][5]
  • Sunita Williams, an astronaut (listed below) and former Navy officer. She graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1987 and has logged more than 3000 flight hours in over 300 different aircraft types.

Nobel Prize

  • Venkatraman Ramakrishnan – the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada
  • E. Yonath, “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome”.
  • Har Gobind Khorana, Nobel Prize in Medicine, (1968).
  • Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, Nobel Prize for Physics, (1983).
  • Amartya Sen, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, (1998).
  • Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, (2009).

Elected Officials

  • Nikki Haley – Governor of South Carolina
  • Bobby Jindal, is the 55th and current Governor of Louisiana and the Vice Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.
  • Nikki Haley, is the 116th and current Governor of South Carolina.
  • Mervyn M. Dymally, was the 41st Lieutenant Governor of California (1975–1979) and in the U.S.

House of Representatives (1981–1993)

  • Dalip Singh Saund, was the first Asian and Indian American member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California.
  • Kamala Harris, is the 32nd and current Attorney General of California.
  • Ami Bera, U.S. Representative for California’s 7th congressional district.
  • Swati Dandekar, Iowa State Senator
  • Kumar P. Barve, member of the Maryland House of Delegates (majority leader)
  • Aruna Miller, member of the Maryland House of Delegates
  • Sam Arora, member of the Maryland House of Delegates
  • Upendra J. Chivukula, member of the New Jersey General Assembly.
  • Raj Goyle, member of the Kansas State Representative
  • Jay Goyal, member of the Ohio State Representative
  • Satveer Chaudhary, former Minnesota State Senator
  • Saqib Ali, former member of the Maryland House of Delegates
  • Nimi McConigley, former member of the Wyoming State Legislature
  • Harvinder “Harry” Anand, mayor of Laurel Hollow, New York
  • Kashmir Gill, mayor of Yuba City, California
  • Arun Jhaveri, former mayor of Burien, Washington
  • Bala K. Srinivas, former mayor of Hollywood Park, Texas
  • John Abraham, former mayor of Teaneck, New Jersey
  • Harry Sidhu, city councilman of Anaheim, California
  • Satish Mohan, town supervisor of Amherst, New York
  • Faz Husain, first native of India to win elected office in Michigan*

Civil Servants

  • Srikanth Srinivasan, judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
  • Rajiv Shah, former Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics and current Administrator of USAID.
  • Vivek Kundra, Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States of America.
  • Aneesh Chopra, Federal Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America.
  • Arun Majumdar, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).
  • Subra Suresh, Director of National Science Foundation
  • Neal Katyal, is the Solicitor General of the United States.
  • Islam A. Siddiqui, is Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)
  • Joy Cherian, first Asian head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Gopal Khanna, Chief Information Officer in the state of Minnesota.
  • Richard Verma, is the Assistant Secretary for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, at the Department of State
  • Arif Alikhan, former Assistant Secretary for Policy Development at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, former Deputy Mayor for Homeland Security and Public Safety for the City of Los Angeles, former senior adviser to Attorneys General John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.
  • Neel Kashkari, former interim Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability in the United States Department of the Treasury.
  • Sonal Shah, member of the Obama-Biden Transition Project advisory board
  • Farah Pandith, is currently the Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State.
  • Rashad Hussain, is the U.S. Special Envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  • Preeta D. Bansal, member and past chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and former Solicitor General of New York.
  • Anant Raut, Counsel to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee
  • Rachel Paulose, former United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota.
  • Kris Kolluri, New Jersey Commissioner of Transportation.
  • Shekar Narasimhan, Co-chair of the Democratic National Committee Indo-American Council
  • Raj Mukherji, Deputy Mayor of Jersey City, NJ, and candidate for the New Jersey State Legislature.
  • Har Dayal, founder of the Ghadar Party.
  • Huma Abedin, aide to United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • Raja Krishnamoorthi, former Illinois Deputy Treasurer for Policy and Programs and former candidate for Illinois Comptroller
  • Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York
  • Cathy Bissoon, judge for the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.
  • Narayana Kocherlakota, President of Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
  • Sabrina De Sousa, ex-CIA officer, who is suing the US Govt for diplomatic immunity.
  • Surya Yalamanchili, 2010 US Congressional Candidate
  • Sabita Singh, first judge of Indian descent in Massachusetts history


  • Eboo Patel, member of New Faith Advisory Council
  • Ed Viswanathan, author of Am I A Hindu?
  • Ramananda Prasad, founder of the International Gita Society
  • Padmanabh Jaini, scholar of Jainism
  • Muzammil Siddiqi, Ph.D., Chairman, Fiqh Council of North America
  • Prem Rawat, also known as Guru Maharaji Ji, head of the Divine Light Mission and later organizations
  • Sushil Kumarji, Jain Acharya
  • Ravi Zacharias, Christian evangelist and apologist
  • Chitrabhanu, Jain Founded the Jain Meditation International Center in Manhattan, New York City

Science and technology

  • Kalpana Chawla
  • Sunita Williams
  • Vinod Dham
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Narinder Singh Kapany : Engineer, called the “Father of Fiber Optics”.
  • Dr. Amitabha Ghosh, only Asian on NASA Mars Pathfinder mission.
  • Sabeer Bhatia : Co-founder of Hotmail
  • Vinod Dham : Designed the Intel Pentium Chip Processor (Known as the Father of the “Pentium Chip”)
  • Avtar Saini : Co-led the development of the Pentium processor Intel. He holds 7 patents related to microprocessor design.
  • Ajay Bhatt : Co-Inventor of the USB. Chief Client Platform Architect at Intel
  • Krishna Bharat : Principal Scientist at Google – Famous for creating Google News.
  • Subrah Iyar: Co-Founder and CEO of Webex Communications
  • Swapan Chattopadhyay, particle accelerator physicist
  • Arun Netravali : Scientist. Former President of Bell Labs. Former CTO of Lucent. A pioneer of digital technology including HDTV and MPEG4.
  • Anil Dash : Blogger and technologist
  • Amit Goyal : Distinguished Scientist and Distinguished Inventor
  • Raj Reddy : Founder of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, winner of the Turing Award.
  • C. Kumar N. Patel : Developed the carbon dioxide laser, used as a cutting tool in surgery and industry.
  • Khem Shahani : Microbiologist who conducted pioneer research on probiotics, he discovered the DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Arjun Makhijani : Electrical and nuclear engineer who is President of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
  • George Sudarshan : Physicist, author – first to propose the existence of Tachyon
  • Kalpana Chawla : Female NASA Space Shuttle astronaut, and space shuttle mission specialist
  • Jogesh Pati : Theoretical physicist at the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Krishan Sabnani : Engineer and Senior Vice President of the Networking Research Laboratory at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs in New Jersey
  • Rajeev Motwani : Professor, Angel Investor.
  • Pranav Mistry: Sixth Sense Project
  • Sunita Williams : Female NASA astronaut
  • Bhargav Gajjar: (Gujarati:ભાગૅવ ગજજર) Aerospace robotics scientist, educator, entrepreneur from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founder of bioinspired robotics company Vishwa


  • Thomas Anantharaman : Computer statistician specializing in Bayesian inference
  • Thomas Zacharia : Computational scientist
  • Vijay Raghunath Pandharipande : Physicist
  • Vilayanur S. Ramachandran : Behavioral neurologist and psychophysicist.
  • Mahadev Satyanarayanan : Computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Pioneered research in mobile and pervasive computing
  • Anirvan Ghosh : neuroscientist
  • Mathukumalli Vidyasagar : Control Theorist
  • Mani Lal Bhaumik : Contributor excimer laser technology.
  • Om Malik : Technology journalist and blogger
  • Pramod Khargonekar : Control Theorist, Dean and Eckis Professor, College of Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
  • Vamsi Mootha : Physician-scientist and computational biologist
  • Chitranjan Singh Ranawat : Eminent orthopaedic and knee surgeon
  • Vineeta Rastogi : Public health worker
  • Deepak Chopra : Medical doctor
  • VA Shiva Ayyadurai : Former guest lecturer at MIT
  • Noshir Gowadia : Design engineer
  • Rangaswamy Srinivasan : in the Inventors’ Hall of Fame for pioneering work on excimer laser surgery.
  • Siva S. Banda : Aerospace engineer and researcher, recipient of a Silver Medal from the Royal Aeronautical Society, a Presidential Rank Award, and elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering
  • Rajiv Dutta : Technology manager
  • Subhash Kak : Head of the Computer Science department at Oklahoma State University.
  • Ajit Varki : Physician-scientist
  • Amit Singhal : Google Fellow, the designation the company reserves for its elite master engineers in the area of “ranking algorithm”.
  • Vic Gundotra : Former Senior Vice President, Engineering for Google
  • Arvind Rajaraman : Theoretical physicist and string theorist
  • Satya N. Atluri : Aerospace and mechanics
  • Deepak Pandya : Neuroanatomist
  • Pran Nath : Theoretical physicist at Northeastern University.
  • Sharmila Bhattacharya : Head of the Biomodel Performance and Behavior laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center.
  • Bedabrata Pain, co- inventor active pixel sensor
  • V. Mohan Reddy : World famous Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Stanford
  • Ashutosh Tewari : Professor of Urology at New York Presbyterian Hospital and noted prostate cancer surgeon.
  • Ramesh K. Agarwal : Aviation Pioneer, William Palm Professor of Engineering at Washington University


  • Siddhartha Mukherjee, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction (2011)
  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • Sanjay Gupta, Neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent, declined offer by President Barack Obama to be nominated U.S. Surgeon General.
  • Joia Mukherjee, Associate Professor with the Division of Global Health Equity at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Yellapragada Subbarow, Harvard doctor & scientist – discovered folic acid, methotrexate.
  • Balamurali Ambati, physician, world’s youngest doctor at age 17.
  • Paul Antony, MD, MPH is the Chief Medical Officer for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).
  • E. Premkumar Reddy, World Famous Oncologist and Director of Fels institute of cancer research and molecular biology at Temple University.
  • Atul Gawande, General and endocrine surgeon, professor, medical author, and National Book Award finalist.
  • Amit Patel, Cardiovascular Surgeon and Stem Cell Researcher – First person to inject stem cells directly into the heart.
  • Sangeeta Bhatia, Harvard-MIT doctor & scientist – engineer of artificial liver cells.
  • Siddhartha Mukherjee Physician, scientist and writer, Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction (2011).
  • Anita Goel, is a Harvard-MIT Physicist, Physician, Globally recognized expert in Nanobiophysics and Nanotechnology; Chairman & CEO, Nanobiosym; Inventor of the Gene-RADAR technology.
  • Sudip Bose,emergency medicine physician, educator, entrepreneur, and combat veteran who served as a physician on the front lines in Iraq for nearly 15 months which is one of the longest combat deployments by a physician since World War II.


  • Sonjay Dutt – TNA Pro Wrestler
  • Sanjay Lal, Wide receivers coach for the NY Jets
  • Alexi Grewal, first ever Indian American to win an Olympic medal, Gold Medalist in 1984 Summer Olympics in cycling
  • James Blackmon, Jr., basketball player for the Indiana Hoosiers
  • Mohini Bhardwaj, second Indian American Olympic medalist, 2004 Summer Olympics silver medalist in gymnastics
  • Raj Bhavsar, third Indian American Olympic Medalist, 2008 Summer Olympics bronze medalist in the team gymnastics competition.
  • Sanjay Beach, was a former NFL wide receiver. He played for the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers.
  • Brandon Chillar, NFL player, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers (Father of Indian descent)
  • Sunil Gulati, in charge of United States Soccer Federation.
  • Laxmi Poruri, Tennis player
  • Shikha Uberoi, Tennis player
  • Rajeev Ram, Tennis player
  • Prakash Amritraj, Tennis player (born in U.S.)
  • Stephen Amritraj, Tennis player
  • Sonjay Dutt, TNA Pro Wrestler
  • The Great Khali, WWE Pro Wrestler
  • Jinder Mahal, WWE Pro Wrestler
  • Ami Parekh, Figure Skater
  • Vinay Bhat, chess grandmaster
  • Sushil Nadkarni, American cricketer
  • Sunitha Rao, Tennis Player


  • Bikram Choudhury, yoga guru
  • Dipa Ma, yoga teacher
  • Harbhajan Singh Yogi, introduced Ku

I hope you are relieved that I have your name struck so you don’t figure here. And before I end I guess we all should understand there are some things we cannot erase and that is the origin we have and where our parents came from etc…. Having an Indian Origin is nothing to be ashamed of. Not just Indian, having any origin is not a matter of shame. It is what it is, since no one is superior than the other I think you should take it easy….

For many Indians it might be demeaning when you say that you don’t wish to be called an Indian American, whatever your intentions be. But here on I will not even mistakenly say that you are an Indian American. Because Bobby Jindal is just American.

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