Minion Movie review – Either I am getting old or the movie was not funny; I like to believe the latter

wpid-minionsI love the concept of minions, they are funny, innocent (even when they are evil) lovable little things. So when a movie comes which focuses on minions you are interested. And when the trailer has been running for so long you also turn an interest to impatient anticipation.

And then you have a 8 year old who have started counting down the days since last two weeks, you have to just see it as soon as possible. The problem is when all that kind of blows up in smoke a few minutes into the movie at least for you.

I will not comment on the artistic talents because I think like any other animated movie it was nice to watch with the animation and color and so on. But for some reason it had that same feeling that I had when watching Cars-2. “why did they make a minion movie that is not that good?”. There were far less people laughing in the packed theatre. There were long sessions of total silence with everyone eagerly waiting for that next big laugh which came in small bits and pieces. Except for a few instances especially the one where they show the minion’s bum.

The final scene looked like the spongebob movie I watched, which I did not like but I guess my 8 year old liked better. Minions are adorable and so you like them on screen irrespective of what they do. But the other characters looked kind of dragged into as if they had to be in there because someone asked them to. The makers probably expected some laughs for the non minion characters and my take is they were just super boring and had more screen time than they needed. May be I am feeling so because the character choices outside the minions were poor. They did not add much fun value to the equation.

But the last scene of few minutes, thanks to the makers, you did keep the kid in me alive with that sweet intro andI thank you for that. But overall my expectation was not met. But since the kid in me is still alive, I will watch if you come up with a second one. Every movie does not come out well but hey what…. that’s life… we all learn

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