Salman Khan is an Idiot and an ignorant jerk; but should Yakub be hanged?

noose-312261_1280A Murder is barbaric in every sense. It is no different when it is done by the state. When done by state, a murder does not automatically become an act of sanctity. I am against capital punishment irrespective of whose neck is on the noose.

Crying and wooing for someone’s death is an inhuman and primitive feeling even if it is for someone who has been responsible for the deaths of others. I know it is not what people like to hear, and they would say I am insensitive but I cannot woo for snuffing the life out of someone.

But I also understand the feelings of all the loved ones of the victims who feel that life for life is the only way of justice. But is life for life the right thing to do… I would say punish them in a way that death becomes a mercy.

But here it is known that the real culprits are Dawood and Tiger and Yakub was probably an accomplice, might be guilty but i wonder if he had planned it along with Dawood and Tiger, because even after 20 years in custody how come the authorities never got any information that leads them to arrest Dawood and Tiger. Both these people are still at large.

So either Yakub is not really involved as people think or someone does not want to arrest and bring Dawood and Tiger to trial.

Now Salman Khan is an idiot and he said killing an innocent is like killing humanity…. what he does not understand is that he either killed humanity 13 years ago or he ran over a guilty person sleeping on the pavement… Such an idiot… I swear

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