The shameless silence of the Gulf Muslim Countries – Refugee Crisis

no-entry-489370_1280One of the main difference between a Muslim Country and a Non-Muslim Country is that in a Non-Muslim country people are more free and even Muslims love this freedom that is not provided in the so called Muslim Countries. The interesting thing is that there are many people who want Muslim Countries to exist in the very true Islamic way but don’t really like living there. And that is the height of hypocrisy.

They do like this pilgrimage trips to these places where they jump in a euphoria for a few days seeing the millions folk. Some say wow people are so equal here, they love the way the rich and poor mingle together in the name of God. And then they go back to their own lives.

The women after a few days separation from men go back to the free world embracing a life of freedom unlike anything in these Muslim Countries, the freedom to live as individuals and not have to be tagged on to a male to live her life. The Men also go back to their own lives and glorify their unification with God and praise the Muslim countries for their generosity and say if there is a paradise in this world, this is it… this is it… this is it…. But, they don’t want to live there…. how nice…..

The Muslim countries live on by squeezing the religiosity of muslims around the world but when there is a need they just remain silent. There is a humanitarian crisis burning at close proximity to these rich Gulf lands who can open up and take these refugees in and help them, but what do they do? They keep quiet, they seal their mouth. No helping hand, none so ever to the crisis. Why? They are a Muslim country and the crisis is caused by Islamic terrorism and the refugees are Muslims. Not enough religion in the issue for them to react? Shame on them.. yes the Saudis and every single Gulf Muslim country not ready to accept the refugees and giving a blind eye and ear

Whereas what happens in Non-Muslim countries. They try hard to work with their limited resources and see how they can help. Some are able to help and some are not. The shameless silence of these Gulf countries are also impacting the help being extended from other countries. But the Gulf Muslim Countries do not care… They stand on the side and look at it and quietly continue to fill their coffers with more riches and not bothering about the coffins and graves that fill with toddlers, kids, women, men and elderly.

If you still think you need a country based on religion think again, because they do not give a shit for anything, they use religion to better themselves and live of the religiosity of the masses. What they do is exploit the religious sentiments of people. Are you hearing? Muslim Countries are not helping Muslim refugees. Next time you raise your voice for sharia law… remember these Muslim countries where they have all these laws do not give an ass wipe to the plight of muslims else where and I am not saying about others, because they are after all infidels…

A country based on a religious belief can never think equal, it will always be biased, first on religion, then on its own people, then on sects within them and then on gender and so on… they will always be unequal. Shame on you, you gulf muslim countries.. Shame on you…. Or may be Muslims really do not want to live in a Muslim Country because these countries suffocate their people with religious irrationality and inhumanness…..

All we know is religion spreads unrest and does that in such magnitude that dead bodies of toddlers are swept to the shore and that image questions the sense and sensibility of every human being… But the shameless Gulf Muslim Countries remain silent



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