Saudis say they will build mosques for refugees – Who are they Insulting?

monk-146246_1280There is an honor even with criminals and the sad part is the Saudis have stooped so low by their sick assistance to build 200 mosques in Germany so the refugees can pray. The news is on Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques – one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend

I am still not sure if it is a satire or not; but seeing in independent I think it should be true..

How can someone say such a thing…. This is the height of how you can insult the plight of fellow human beings and the generosity of non-muslims around the world. You slam the doors to refugees and when other countries agree to help, you come with your derogatory mosque building offer.

The problem is many people on the sideline who are questioning taking in so many syrian refugees find this as another reason to step up their opposition. I wonder why Saudis are bend on spoiling the help coming the way.

There is a saying in my mother tongue malayalam ‘you don’t eat and allow others to eat’… In case of Saudi’s it is ‘We won’t help and we won’t allow others to help’…

Hey Saudis before you put out this ludicrous offer you should have hanged yourself using that blank ring on your turban  yours instead of throttling the necks of every other muslim in the world. The last thing people need in a refugee crisis is new mosques to pray. And that offer from you is nothing less than being inhuman.

You should stop being the moral authority for muslims world around. You disowned the Muslims and now you should keep your Mouth shut instead of putting out such idiocy to adversely affect the good work happening for the Refugee crisis

People should be F**king angry with Saudis and the Saudis should feel F**king ashamed for this. What a sad state of mind

It does not matter who we are Muslims, Non Muslims, believers, non believers, atheists, agnostics anything; what matters is what influences us when we look at the world and the life in it; life of the living being and the earth itself, if I can call the ability to maintain life as ‘life’ itself. We need to also look deep inside us as what is it that makes us stretch our hand to a person drowning in front of us and if there is anything that influences us from not doing this act of kindness. I hope the Saudis understand this sometime.

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