Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha – A Hindi Play of love that bridges time

IMG_20150911_224316I was in highschool when I saw Anupam Kher’s movie Saaransh (The Gist) and at a time when I only watched movies that had fights and action, Saaransh was one movie that kept me glued to the seat even without it having a single fight. I even wrote a short play based on a scene in Saaransh where the protagonist is waiting to collect his son’s ashes and wanted to do it in school but found it too tall an order. I think that one scene is enough to introduce Anupam Kher the actor.

Thirty years later I get a chance to see the Man himself on stage live in the Play Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha (That was not what I meant), which is a typical conversational usage in hindi. The play is scripted and directed by Rakesh Bedi a wonderful actor with an amazing comedy timing. Joining Anupam in the lead is Neena Gupta who is one of the finest female actors in the Indian Cinema and theatre.

290686-anupam-kher-in-a-play-mera-woh-matlab-nahin-tha-bay-area‘Mera Woh Matlab Nahi’ is about the significance of love that lives across time and how a two day conversation between the protagonists tie up that time lapse. Taking you into the life of both the characters it weaves a message that love lives. The play gives a very honest sketch of life making you both smile and shed a tear. Rakesh has done an excellent job in giving Anupam and Neena a large framework in a bench to bring out the emotions in an all time best.

One does not need to talk about the acting caliber of any of these artists because everyone who entered the hall knew exactly who they were going to witness. And enchanting a crowd that knows what to expect is not an easy task.

The interesting thing I felt was that the story was predictable but beautiful, just like driving back home one day when you automatically find that the route has changed into one of the most beautiful scenic drives instead of the mundane highway with its billboards on both sides. You know where you are going but every visual has changed and now gives you a unique and new treat.

They have one more show tomorrow and I would recommend you to go and watch it. You don’t get such opportunities that often

Thanks to Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta and Rakesh Bedi for that wonderful few hours where you transported us between the two era or I should say made us walk with you both with love in our hands

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