Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra- Fremont Startup Grind Fireside Chat

IMG_20150916_191211Today was the first event by the new Fremont Chapter of Startup Grind as they hosted Manish Chandra, the CEO of the Fashion Marketplace Poshmark that provides you a fun way to buy and sell fashion.

This is probably my first startup networking meeting after a gap of almost 5 years since I had removed my entrepreneur hat and I should say it is so good to be back in the game and see the vibrancy of the valley and this time in my hometown Fremont.

May be because Poshmark is aimed at women or may be because I have been quite away from reading on the startup news, I never knew about the app but that did not reduce the fascination I had listening to Manish. It was also a pretty good turn up for a first meeting and hope to see more people in coming days.

Whenever you hear entrepreneurs speak what touches you is the passion for what they do. And with Manish you could feel not just the passion but his knowledge into the concept of fashion and how uniquely he positions his company and services.

The after effect of the event was me telling about the app to both mom and daughter at home and as Manish rightly said, I might always find something to wear in my closet but for the mom-daughter duo there is never enough clothes nor shoes. I often wonder then why so much real estate is used for all these clothes.  But keeping hush and directing them to poshmark is the way to go… Now Let us see how they push the buttons on poshmark.

I liked the way Manish candidly explained his opinions on how the whole concept of fashion differs between men and women. And I could relate to that well because recently one day I realized that I had not bought good clothing for a while. I could also find that a shirt I regularly wear was bought some 8 years back. It looked at me and wailed as the thread was unable to hold its colors together. That day I had made a trip to the store and bought me some…. well that is all that fashion meant to me and so for me to understand fashion of women would be a real challenge. And that is where I appreciate Manish for his insights into the industry and commitment to understand it

I especially liked when Manish reinforced the ‘Think Big’ concept. We often forget to ‘Think Big’ when we ‘Start Small’, but ‘Think Big’ is important. May be more important than anything else.

A special thanks to the organizer Shilpi Sharma for organizing the event in Fremont and to the various members of the City of Fremont who were present to help Fremont based businesses with the support needed. And looking forward

I recommend you all to attend the next event and check them out on Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Startup-Grind-Fremont/

Be Content; Be Penpositive
-Vinod Narayan-

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