Experiencing Writing Projects With your Kids

Rahi writingWriting is a skill that gets better when you do it more. It is important for kids to start writing at a very small age. To let their imagination go all over the place.

Over the past 2 months I have been asking my 8 year old to write a page every day. Anything he wants… and he does that regularly. His favorite topic is Tsunami, Volcanoes and earthquakes and how to be safe when that happens, so most of his writing has to do with it. With other stuffs like TV shows and even some of his thoughts

Our agreement was that I read his writing everyday. I broke my part of the agreement but he continued. Then yesterday I sat down and read what he had written and as I found the commitment with which he did it, I felt so low in life, the lowest I have felt ever because I broke my part of a promise with an 8 year old. There is nothing more bad than that. And I had to make up for it

I went ahead and started writing him something and found that it was so difficult for me to use the pen after typing for so long in life. But I went through it and wrote a whole page. He came back and read it. I watched him as he read it silently and with smiles in between and then he came to me and hugged me and said ‘Thank You papa’ and I could feel that his voice was heavy and he meant every word of it a million times.

That was one of the biggest appreciation I have recieved for my writing. A reply journal entry to my son.

Rahi ReadingIn my writing I had given him some tips on writing and today I checked what he had written and he had followed a lot of it. I would highly recommend you to start a small writing project with your kids and it will help them and you a lot.


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