Stones Know it All


water-243910_1920Gently let the stones find its way
the river does flow in the right direction
it will take time, so does everything in life
once it happens you have a choice
to think if it was early or late
and if it does not happen
you can wait
you can wait
after all it is a stone
stones do not have emotions
they are not tied to land
nor to the river
they stay there and stare
a blankness that does not care
whether the world has been fair or unfair
it just exists
I know absurdity is not a virtue
but stones have a meaning
they are not absurd
they mean different to different people
I knew one stone that always remained
where it was, like it was born there
Once I picked it up and moved it
to another corner of the city
then it remained there
for months… no for years
it remained there as if it was born there
people thought it belonged there
only I knew and I would not say
and the stone knew
but it can’t say
People are always fooled
sometimes by stones
sometimes by other people

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