Salute the French who drive away Right Winged Anti-Muslim Bigots

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.59.37 PMWhen the world mourns over the Paris incident there are few who are using this to bring in their Right Wing Anti-Muslim agenda and that should be strongly opposed…. This world should be free and safe for everyone…. atheists, muslims, christians, Hindus…. everyone…

While we need to discuss the root and that would have an aspect of a religion in it that need be discussed we should do so without falling the trees… The ideology, belief and practice that might be irrational should be discussed and debated and if needed changed but never use that against people who follow a religion or belief system…

Questioning Islam is not (and should not be) hating Muslims and that is something both Muslims and non-muslims should understand.

I am an atheist and deeply wounded every time religious fanatics (irrespective of which religion) strike my fellow human beings. And in Paris I think it has to do a lot with the narrow mindedness that comes with aiming a religious world supremacy and trying to define our today by the barbaric understanding of yesteryears. As I say that I also stand by every Muslim in this world whose right to live in a free safe world is questioned or threatened by this islamophobia racists. Your right to live in a free and safe world is the same as mine… And I will fight for you as its mine… we are one and not different

This is not a one sided journey and the victims are all over the world…. victims have no religion they are just victims of religious bigotry. This is a fight we should do with a humane mindset and never a religious mindset.

This news shows how we should think… It tells us what civility is and what progress and open mindedness is…. I salute the french people….

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