Be Tolerant When your religion is questioned; It is important for the future

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.54.51 AMThe picture here is an IM I got from someone I do not know and here is my response to it because I feel he should speak in public and not IM and also because I think he is looking at the world at a very myopic way

Hi Hashmat,
I do not prefer IMs from people I do not know but I wish to respond back to you and make your message and my response public as I wish we discuss things in open than in private. Also I think your IM is a very valid point and shows the a psych of people that needs change. The Psych of selective intolerance/tolerance…

I am assuming that in your IM you are referring to the Paris related post I made where I said that the ‘Paris terroristsa have a religion”. Well it is amusing you pick just that post and come here and IM me. I can understand, people voice on what they care about and ignore rest. Please go over my posts on FB and on my blog and see if I have said anything against the beef politics and Dadri lynching.

That time just like your IM many people IMed me saying I was smearing absurdity on hinduism. I don’t see any difference between them or you as you both consider your religion above the basic sense of humanity and rationalism. That is where the issue is.

When I say the paris killers had a religion and it is Islam, you read it as I am against muslims, on the top of that I think my ‘Hindu’ name added to it. This happens because you wish to think that people who question your religion are against you and I wish to correct you there. It is not. But when many try to vehemently defend their religion saying this terror attacks to be outside the religion and has nothing to do with religion, there is a big issue. What you end up doing is putting a blind eye to the elements within your religion that can create this kind of intolerance.

Do you only voice when your religion is questioned or do you also voice your opinion when in the name of your religion and religious politics they do acts that are questionable from a human rights angle. Here is what I am asking

Did you speak up when a number of atheists were slaughtered and hacked in Bangladesh, Do you remember names like Avijithm Washiqur, Niloy and Ananda, or most recently Faisal Dipan who was killed.. Did you speak for them?

Have you voiced against that ghastly act by Saudi Govt as they flogged the blogger Raif Badawi. Did you ridicule the Sheikh Bandar Al Khobairi for telling that ‘Earth is Stationary’. Have you been supporting Manal al-Sharif for her fight for the Freedom to Drive alone in Saudi.

Did you voice against the silence of the Gulf Muslim Countries during the Refugee Crisis that is happening. Do you know about Zak Ebrahim who was brought up by his dad as a terrorist and then he used his life to fight that very thing and grew up to write a book on how it is to be the son of a terrorist and not be grow up as one.

Have you ever felt for and written or IMed someone to make sure Soheil Arabi who is sentenced to death in Iran jails and voiced that he should have his freedom of expression. Where were you where Ghoncheh Ghavami was jailed with solitary confinement in Iran and even if on bail today cannot return back to her country.

Do you want a bigger list, or this is good. Is it because you live in a non muslim country a democracy like India that you feel you should just be selectively bothered about the world around you.

Read me through my blogs and not one post. Again yes I feel there are things within your religion you need to change for the better future and it is not for an atheist like me, but for you own kids, how do you stop the kids you teach religion not go astray and blind and be rational. It is your item to debate and figure out. Spend time on that reformation than on defending. religion does not need defenders and protectors… and people need help not God…..

It is ok to not know about everything around us, but one should never be selective in what they protect or what they voice. It is important, we are building better human beings for tomorrow, not muslims, hindus, christians or jews.

And if you get time read my old review on the Mustafa Aykol’s book ‘Islam Without Extremes‘ and Mustafa’s own comment to that review