I love it – National Poetry Month – Day11

SkeletanI love it because it is as it is
I have loved it because it is as it is
and I will love it because it is as it is
So why do I love?
I love it because
It gives me a purpose to live
a reason to not change myself
a need to do more than I can do
to push the envelope a bit more that it can move
to listen and not expect to be heard
to find a way when the wall before me says you are a loser
to tell myself that for one day I am on my own
to let them all know that time is not up till it ends
to mind my own business when others start poking around
to shed a tear on someone else’s pain
to speak up, to act and to be human
I love because
it makes me who I am
and without love, what’s the point in life?
I do not get an award from the dead for ‘living’
I just get to live happily because I am ‘loving’