The Sleep of Life – National Poetry Month – Day13

Sleep of LifeThere is a long journey that never starts and
how can something end when never started?
True, but there are breaks in between and
before and after the breaks there is a
shiny piece of life.
That’s what we need to find.
Sometimes the breaks are long and
sometimes short and almost non existent.
Is there a choice to not travel?
To remain where you are,
To accept that nothing ends.
Well, this is how mind plays its games.
It tells you things that you can only see with your heart
You open your eyes and all is gone.
that is why we sleep with eyes closed,
So we can keep traveling.
May be life is the break in between
and the sleep?
That must be shiny life, the journey.
Think of those people who can never sleep well.
Whatever they have; Who ever they have
their life is broken.
And what of those people who never wake up?
well they are in the same journey
that has no start and end.
When you think about it, it makes no sense
but then who told you that it did or it wil
Mind does play it’s games
Just open your eyes to wakeup
or close it and go to sleep
Yes go back to your life
Awake or Asleep…..

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