Happy Birthday Rhea – Dream, Try and Free yourself to make Mistakes

RheaDear Rhea,
Happy Birthday to You!!!
Another year passes and you move another year closer to being an adult. This is the time to Dream Big and you are entering the era of taking chances. Make all your mistakes early in life because as we grow mistakes take time to resolve. It is not always the person’s fault, but times change and wounds heal slower. Where ever in life never fear to make a mistake as long as it only impacts you.

Birthday’s should be time of joy and why am I talking about mistakes. Well birthday is not just about fun; it is also a reality check for us to look at life the way we want. But then why talk about mistakes?
Well now comes the fun part.

Mistakes made in the pursuit of a dream is always different. It is a learning experience, so if you want to make all your mistakes early in life you need to start dreaming early in life. Dreams and aspirations tell us two things, first that it tells us we are alive, second it tells us that there is hope and there is goodness.

Rhea1Never think you cannot change things because someone said so. Because even an attempt to change in the positive direction is progress. Every single person can make a difference however small in this world. The aim is not to always be the mover or shaker, but to be that one who does to lose hope in contributing to the world in his or her own way. So do something, anything to make our world a better place.

Never fear to try anything new. Our life is a mixed bag of three things ‘things we tried and failed’, ‘things we tried and succeeded’ and ‘things we never tried’. As we grow older the only thing that will give us regrets are the ‘things we never tried’. So always have the will to try, every accomplishment however small started with a confident TRY.

You know what is special about you? It is that when people look at you they feel good. You are still a kid but whenever I or your mom needed emotional support you have always shown that maturity that even we adults fail to have. But never allow that maturity to take over the kid in you.

Always be a kid and now as you are a year from being an adult, it is even more important to take that kid in you out more often and do something crazy with her. Go have ice creams as you walk in the rain. And as you grow may be a few times don’t go to work on a rainy day and make paper boats and play in the puddle.

I wish you all the best everyday… Birthday is just another day but my wishes for you are there every moment, every day.

Let your dreams find you happy and let your happiness find you your life and that make this world a better place

With Love

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  1. I liked the idea of dividing life into 3 bags. Simply put.
    Wishes to your daughter.

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