Sitting in a Dream – National Poetry Month – Day-17


He walked past the dreams slowly.
He did not want to wake up those who were sleeping.
Or trying to sleep
Or Dreaming…
Or waiting for a Dream…

Every dream is said to have a jar of honey
but before anyone can reach it
the sleep is broken.

If you sleep really thinking of that honey, You might
reach it in the dream is what they say but
no one has been able to substantiate .

The meanings of fragmented dreams born
when sleeps are broken?
No one will ever fully know about them.

Now I have a whole different theory
There is no honey.
It is a story told so kids can sleep at night.

Adults usually grow to be ignorant
because of the stories they hear as a kid.
They are lost figuring a firm place,
between a story and reality.

Everyone thinks they dream and they
also think they can control it.
But here too I have a different theory.

“The real key to our world is in the hands
of the people we hurt in our dreams.
We always leave the key to our world
in the wrong hands,
often with people who do not even exist”

That is what makes some people’s world
full of unaccounted emptiness.

So Today go Sleep, dream your eyes out.
get back that key….
Open, unlock, be free……

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