Tears and Dry Lips – National Poetry Month 2016 – Day18

tears and dry lipsDriving on the freeway on a sunny day
forgetting to carry a bottle of water
or beer or whiskey or any alcohol that cops won’t mind
let’s go with water for now
sun remembers an old animosity where
I had badmouthed it on a starry night
Today it was on the path of revenge
such a heat I thought I was in a desert
but you know freeways are dump
a thousand idiots driving in same direction
and thousand less one driving in opposite direction
lips act as if they do not belong to the body
they suck themselves dry
but that is when memories come
emotional, sad thoughts of yesteryears
tears well up and thats when the trick happens
I wipe my tears with a finger and moisten my lips
You know even emotions and sad memories
you care less…
All you care is your stupid lips