The (ANT)iHUMAN World – National Poetry Month 2016 – Day19

AntIn a puddle as an ant struggled to get to the land
I kept a leaf next to it
slowly pulled it to the side
I could not see; nor will I ever know
if the ant raised its eyes and thanked.

Of all the thousands of ants I might have
knowingly and unknowingly executed
this one act seemed to make me free.

But We all have our perspectives of being free
and then freeing one by denying it to many
which book of ethics will that go in?

OK This is about ants, I get it
All said and done we do not care all life same
but that is ok, because
the law of the jungle has not always just
there is a survival of the fittest
but we are civilized.

But We are civilized,
may be not an ant level but definitely
should be on a human level and
some mammal and bird level to be fair
it is not about survival of the fittest
it is also about consideration for the weak and mute

We live in a world where people care less
how can they care for other species when
they do not care for their own
May be they do it for a reason
to make it even and fair by slaughter even their own…

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  1. So true, it is not about survival of the fittest. Nice that you related this to Honor killings so beautifully.

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