Serving a Losing Dinner – National Poetry Month 2016 Day-28

dinnerI took half day off
cooked a few delicacies
as authentic as my poor skills can perform
the table was neatly arranged
as neatly my cluttered mind could do
first she came and then after some time he came
like there was nothing new
glasses were filled
they rattled cheers without spilling a drop
laughs, talks and laughs again
time rolled into the night
Life should be beautiful
and this is life
life is beautiful
and then he left
again like there was nothing new
the next day they got married
I had the honor of serving them a great dinner
my delicacies as authentic as I could make
you know poor skills die hard
and I also figured it is hard to die after all
Life moves on, because
it is not a crime to serve a losing dinner 🙂