Long live the shadow – National Poetry Month 2016 – Day30

ShadowToday is Day 30 of the National Poetry Month and after 29 days of daily poetry writing we call it a day today. Here is the last poem of the month

Long live the shadow
In a shiver there is a story
that cannot be retold
not even in thoughts
the shiver is the aftermath of
a memory that always lurks behind your shadow
you cannot escape it
you cannot run away from it into some dark night
hoping shadows go to sleep.
the street lamps and moonlight will betray you
as time moves the shiver becomes your friend
You might hate the memory and your own shadow
but the shiver becomes less of a problem
you start liking it
because the shiver is the only damn thing
that proves you are alive and sane
shadows are deceiving
and memories?
they can never stand on their own
they lean on you like a ladder
and you will be left stranded
as you watch your shadow climb your memory
and get to your life before you can
You cannot let that happen
but then its the shiver in the story
it is not about you any more
even the story is not yours
it is your shadow
but the memory is no more yours
your shadow is alive, and
you are dead
shadow remembers and you forget
no you are forgotten, betrayed
long live the shadow
long live the shadow

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