Today on May 30th My Birthday let me talk about Death :)

vinod1Some feel it is inauspicious to talk about Death on one’s own Birthday. Well not just on Birthday, they feel talking about death itself is a bad omen. And that’s the whole point here. I think you cannot talk about birth without thinking about death, it is not inauspicious but just a reality of life. Because every birth has to reach an end in death. When? where? How? that is a whole different question. In fact there is a whole industry of quacks who try to tell you that.

It is just like everyone who believes in heaven and say it is the best thing any human can get but does not want to go there šŸ™‚

While some people rejoice a day as a Birthday, there is someone somewhere spending the day mourning someone’s death. We do not own the day.. we just live it differently…. we were born and they died. One day we will die and same day someone will be born. Now I wish not delve into the reincarnation bull

The fact is we were born because of no special ability of ours. It just happened and so we exist and do what we can with it. That is all that is there. Do the best we can, celebrate not justĀ theĀ day, but theĀ life and even theĀ death when it comes

On May 30th I was born; so did many others die, some on the same day and same year and who knows some even the same time as I was born. Not just me, but this is true about every one in this world. That is my whole logic here to talk about death.

Think of it this way. Does the fact that at the same time and day you were born someone else died make your birth an inauspicious unlucky event? I don’t think anyone thinks that way. So then what is the aversion towards the word ‘death’ on a birthday. Everyone’s birthday is mourned by someone whom we do not know. So today on May 30th we will talk about Death.

On May 30th Joan or Arc was executed by burning. It is said she was burned three times to turn everything into ashes. Here is a quote of her’s I wish to share

“Get up tomorrow early in the morning, and earlier than you did today, and do the best that you can. Always stay near me, for tomorrow I will have much to do and more than I ever had, and tomorrow blood will leave my body above the breast”

Voltaire breathed his last on this same day in 1778. He was famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state. Today I wish to remember for you two of his quotes

ā€œThose who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.ā€
“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

Both tell us something very deep, you much find that for yourself šŸ™‚

Boris Pasternak who wrote Doctor Zivago died this same day and let me share with you the last poem of his

How I remember solstice days
Through many winters long completed!
Each unrepeatable, unique,
And each one countless times repeated.

Of all these days, these only days,
When one rejoiced in the impression
That time had stopped, there grew in years
An unforgettable succession.

Each one of them I can evoke.
The year is to midwinter moving,
The roofs are dripping, roads are soaked,
And on the ice the sun is brooding.

Then lovers hastily are drawn
To one another, vague and dreaming,
And in the heat, upon a tree
The sweating nesting-box is steaming.

And sleepy clock-hands laze away
The clock-face wearily ascending.
Eternal, endless is the day,
And the embrace is never-ending.
(Boris Pasternak)

Talking about Death is not negative, it just means that the sheer reason to celebrate birthday is because of the fact that we all will die one day. So celebrate not justĀ theĀ day, but theĀ life and even theĀ death when it comes.

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  1. Sometimes I feel even death have equal or more importance than birth , otherwise the Mughals, Nazis, terrorists, Fascists okke still will be alive to judge and decide on others lives alle?

    In bhagavat Gita Krishna tells Arjuna when you know I will take you back why you worried about possessions there.

    Few questions indu. I will ask when you free.

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