Housefull-3 is a new low in Bollywood as it weaves obtuse jokes on skin color, race and disabilities

Housefull_3I know that is a very harsh criticism for a title on a review but I could not find anything else. I have seen Housefull 1 and 2 though I do not fully remember what it was. It was more like a mess with lot of characters and mistaken identities. Then you would ask, why did I torture myself with the 3rd one. Well do not ask too many questions when one person is destined to take punishments for the sins he has done 🙂

So the problem with the movie is not just about the movie but about the mentality of the brown skin. The problem we Indians talk about all the brown power and discrimination in a white man’s world but when it comes to our own country or in comparison with a more darker skin the whole fair formula plays in the mind. In the recent incidents in India when students and people from outside India especially from African countries have been targeted in various incidents of discrimination I think there is a moral responsibility on people in the creative world to speak out rather than show up poor jokes in the movies.

The Irony is that in one scene you see the hero Akshay bashing some white english men because they call him bloody Indian and then throughout the movie you have these three maid servants of this rich indian family home whose characters are demeaned on various levels of looks.

Another interesting thing is how they show disability as a laughing stock. I know there have been other movies like the famous Michael Caine ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ which has jokes around faked disability all shown from a humor angle. But here the whole movie goes overboard in this.

This was coupled by some atrocious acting (or over acting) by the team. Yes you should see this movies keeping your brain outside, I agree but you still have to keep your heart with you or you will be inside the movie theatre like zombies. The sad part is it had some (may be 4 or 5) jokes that were worth a giggle. But remaining of the movie it was filled with Zombies who probably left both their Brain and Heart outside. I am writing this because I had my heart with me and when I see a movie and I feel disgusted, I write. I write when I also feel happy. This is a post of disgust.

Housefull-3-Pyar-Ki-Maa-Ki-songBollywood has talent, has actors and actresses who excel in the craft. There has been so many beautiful amazing comedies that have a lot of sociall relevance, and understand the importance of good cinema. And then there are stuffs like Houseful-3 which portrays the life of the big hearted ‘all complete’ rich who save the world. Then they squeeze in a few scenes of an act of charity just to show how social relevant and well meaning they really are.

Some might say I am just unpatriotic not liking Housefull-3 because same jokes in a foreign movie I will laugh to. Well that is not true, shit is shit irrespective of which ass it comes from, I don’t eat it, may be you do to show patriotism. My film tastes has nothing to do on my love for country, it’s about love for cinema…. and above that love for equality and detest for discrimination…

I can understand poorly made movies, and I never write bad about a movie because I know what goes into making one. There are so many hopes dreams and aspirations aligned to it. But somethings if you do not say then you are being unfair. If we say and next time they make one if they use jokes that do not demean people for race, skin and disabilities then may be something good came out.

I also understand that there is a kind of comedy that uses skin color, race and disabilities to make people laugh, and I know some people do like it and laugh to it. But the fact is people at least in the theatre I went in US, people were more annoyed as I saw. They felt deceived and stupid watching the trash, at least their face felt so when I saw them after the show, or they just woke up from a good sleep. Either way in my opinion Housefull-3 shows deserve to be empty for being really bad in all ways.

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