Thank You Bud Spencer; I loved your movies and will continue watching

Bud SpencerBud Spencer is no more. I remember growing up watching Bud Spencer and Terence Hill like I guess many people my age. They were for me like other icons of that time Bruce Lee, Charles Bronson, Steve Mcqueen and many others. Over the years since I lasted watched them scenes from their movies have come to my mind. Though they were action movies they were funny and devoid of all the violence and blood gushing scenes that fill movies now.

I have so many memories associated with his movies. The Crown theatre in Calicut that only plays English Movies even now and watching them with my dad and cousin. Enacting the movie with friends who would not have watched it. Discussing stories at school and counting the number of fights in each movie and so on.

Bud3Bud Spencer was the example of tremendous brute power and he punches once and ten people go flying in twenty directions. I know I have a DVD of a Bud Spencer movie that came along with a set of movies I bought a few years back. I am going to watch that this weekend and walk down the memory lane. Also a tribute to the legend who along with many made me a big time movie lover. I will try peeling from my memory a classic scene that might have come in many movies of his.

Bud Spencer will be sitting in a bar and eating food when a few miscreants keep howling and mocking him, then one of them takes (by mistake and he will understand that in a few seconds) a chair and smashes on Bud. Bud remains calm and unshaken and continues eating. Once he is done with his meal as the miscreants keep laughing loud, he gets up and looks at these guys.

Bud terenceThe towering 6’4” Bud Spencer standing before the miscreants reminds you of Gulliver’s Travels. Then after a few words and grins that show ugly teeth (that are about to go missing in the next minute) bud delivers his classic punch that teach the bad guys how to fly. The action continues and all the while the handsome Terence Hill sits there watching till one of the guys fall on him and he also joins the action.

Well that was the big screen of my childhood. Action that was not violent or blood gushing. It was just simple fun. Today we ask kids not to watch any fighting and yet there is so much more violence all over than when we were kids (at least I feel).

I guess may be we are forcing kids to grow up faster to watch violence that only adults can do and take steps safeguarding them from any kind of action movies.

Bud Spencer, You made a lot of kids like me happy and feel powerful. Thank You

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