I will not subscribe to Islamophobia and you cannot force me to

Vinod Photo-7Every time something bad happens I try to write and the tragedy is we are not able to catch up and write with the frequency and gravity of bad things happening around the world. Sometimes I feel that the anger over incidents of terrorism happening is not helping because anger happens and then people settle down and get back with their lives. When the France Truck attack happened I had one of my Hindu Rasthra friend post on his wall tagging me asking if I am ready now to do a procession against Islamophobia. What he probably meant was a procession SUPPORTING Islamophobia

Though I do not do it and since I have seen him very often do this tagging ceremony I decided to post this message on FB as a reply to him and tag him. Here it is

Dear Friend
I have no clue what you mean by your post and tag because I have always and will continue to be AGAINST Islamophobia because Islamophobia, Hinduphobia, Christianphobia, Homophobia all are wrong because a Phobia created secluding a sect of people is outright barbaric.

If you think the solution to fight radicalized islam is islamophobia, I believe you are very much mistaken. You standing on your Hindu Nationalistic pulpit and defending every act of violence and stupidity made in the name of culture and Nationalistic identity but only worried when radicalization of another religion is sad.

This is not being inclusive, it is a sign of ‘my way or high way’ approach. Because you cannot build the future world by pointing to hearsay from centuries ago. You cannot talk to every muslim in India and connect them with Babar and Akbar and Ghazni and say they all came to India only to loot the great nation. You cannot always point Christians and say they all invaded India and changed the history of Hindustan. Inclusion my hindu friend is not asking people to follow age old traditions, what difference is that from the religious policing in places like Saudi Barbaria, Inclusion my friend is to build a culture that is deep rooted in humanity. Allowing people to live the life they want as long as it does not infringement on individual freedom.

I am with you in the need for a unified civil code, there should be no separate law in the nation for HIndus, Christians and Muslims. They all should be same. Also irrespective of religion we should fight for equality of people, men, women, transgender. We should support forms of love as long as it is between two consenting adults. We should all fight for the rights for those who cannot speak up. A women forced to wear a parda because she was born to a muslim family or a women not allowed to marry a muslim boy because she is a hindu, these are fights we should do without bias. We are connected by the history of an evolved mind that allows us to be explore and change. So my friend I cannot March for Islamophobia, because it is wrong.

But yes I will talk against the concept of religion and its ability to adulterate and criminalize people’s mind. I will also speak against the propaganda that Religion has nothing to do with terrorism. Because Religion, Nationalism, cultural perversion, racism, economic disparity, lack of Education, lack of scientific temperament all lead to bad things in this world. Some lead to acts of terror while some lead to slow but steady degeneration of the civilized mind.

Finally I have not given my right to question to any Religiously motivated person be it a Hindu, Muslim or Christian or any religion or cult or Nationalistic perversion he or she belongs to .
I speak my mind not as a hindu, muslim or christian, but just as a human being.As long as the color of blood shed remains red my tears will not change its colors and frequency of outpour. I pain when there is France Truck attack,

I pain deeply and a tag with a question in the wrong direction does no good. And then a smiley in the comment is unwanted.

You are a good person if not I would not have spent time to write so long


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