Street Dog Chronicles of a Dog lover

IMG_20160904_000741~2On my visit to Bangalore I decided to capture pictures of street dogs for a day as I spend in the city. I could have more images if I had done a similar thing while in Kerala. I missed it. These images are for people who thing life of street dogs are worth more than human beings.

We bought a dog last year and she Reyna (meaning queen in spanish) has since then become a member of our family and I consider myself a dog lover. But that does not stop me from understanding the danger of having so many street dogs roaming the street.

PeoIMG_20160902_112937~2ple like Maneka Gandhi and Ranjini Haridas who act as crusaders of street dogs I am sure do not have to walk through the city like common people have to. Yes true, as an expatriate coming to India I too can afford a car with rolled up windows while moving from point A to Point B… but that is not the point here. The streets and the city does not belong to such people alone, but those who have to walk on foot and on bike during the wee hours returning from work and going to work and moving on with their life.
I decided to walk on foot morning and sometime in the night just to have a feel. These pictures are a few I took and the actual number of dogs I came ‘face to face’ or ‘face to ass’ with is much more. I know the street dog crusaders will definitely look at some of these sleeping dogs and say “How cute, what is your problem if they so innocently sleep” Well I have no answer for you, just that you need to get out of your rolled up windows and brick walls and be part of the city you live in.

IMG_20160903_105653~2I agree the traditional form of dog catcher tactics are inhuman, but the need to reduce the number of stray dogs is the need of the hour. Where did the Swach Bharath crusaders go, or was it just another marketing gimmick. stray dogs, broken drainage slabs and garbage adorn many places. most people who live in high rise buildings surrounded by large walls do not care. Make the world a better place for people before it happen for stray dogs.

From a Dog lover and I dedicate this post to our Reyna


IMG_20160902_112937~2 IMG_20160903_104744~2 IMG_20160903_103844~2 IMG_20160903_105202~2 IMG_20160903_110414~2 IMG_20160903_105653~2 IMG_20160903_110405~2 IMG_20160903_171347~2 IMG_20160903_175317~2 IMG_20160903_212324~2 IMG_20160903_212343~2 IMG_20160903_212357~2 IMG_20160904_000621~2 IMG_20160904_000741~2 IMG_20160904_000807~2 IMG_20160904_002443~2 IMG_20160904_103224~2 IMG_20160904_103236~2 IMG_20160904_103247~2 IMG_20160904_002954~2

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