The GOOD, The Bad and The Ugly of Freaky Ali

freaky-aliI wrote GOOD in all capital because there is more of good than bad and ugly in Freaky Ali. The Good comes in various levels. The presence of Nawazuddin Siddiqui in itself is a major plus for the movie as he is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema today. The first half of the movie was really really good. It has a beautiful flow and the makers are able to keep the audience laughing and enjoying every bit of it.

The same continues a bit into the second half as well with Nawaz and Arbaaz Khan giving us a nice paired act along with Asif Basra and Seema Biswas. I should say the movie plot is quite clear before the interval and the outcome very predictable. As we know the theme is based on the Adam Sandler starrer Happy Gilmore.

A bit into the post interval of the movie it gets bad with typical bollywood masala and 60s 70s type sentimental crap (bhagwan tumhe meri kasam kind of shit) that takes the life out the movie. Sometimes some people cannot escape the routine cheapness even in a rich script. There on it goes downwards with the usual haath Thod (breaking hand) Bhagwan maang (ask God) Chamatkar huwa (miracle happened) sequence which adds no value to the movie in my opinion.

Where it gets really ugly is when in the last shot our man does a cricket shot on Golf and gets an ace of hole-in-one. That is memorably ugly in my opinion taking into account the rarity. I have not seen Happy Gilmore if that has a similar ending. Again a scene that could have been avoided if the makers had taken the script a bit more seriously. But to also add an ace is such a rarity that it happens only through luck and so if we think Freaky Ali got Lucky that day, we can say its not ugly 🙂

Overall it is a feel good movie that will not make you feel Bad. we can discount the Bad an Ugly elements I mentioned here because it is not easy to make a all Good movie.

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