Closed Eyes are Fooled to Believe

smilies-1607165_960_720“It is ok to try a lie once in a while”

He said with his eyes closed
thats how people talk to show they are learned
they close their eyes
to show they know the unknown

He Continued-
“because the truth is used to waiting”

He paused and took a deep breath
“but lies never die,
they grow and evolve into newer ones
sometimes even mirroring the truth”

He stopped and rolled a betel leaf and
put it into his mouth and chewed for a whole minute
instead of spitting he swallowed the whole thing
all the while keeping his eyes closed

He continued
“sometimes lies even mirror the truth
making it not one truth anymore,
but many of them, many truths”

He paused and with a small smile said
“So it is ok to lie once in a while”

He then opened his eyes and looked around
everyone had their eyes closed
He giggled inside and made faces at them
He then closed his eyes and said
“Now repeat with me… with all your heart and love
Thank You lord for giving me this life”

People repeated and he again giggled
in his mind… he also prayed in his mind
“Thank You lord, Thank You lord
please send me more people like this”

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