Radhika Apte is one of the Finest Actors; But some idiots just like Clips more than full movies

radhika_apteRadhika Apte is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema today. She is not alone in this group of fine actors. I would also add to the list actors like Tannishtha Chatterjee and Geetanjali Thapa. Over the past few months I have seen a few of her movies including Parched and Manjhi and the her role as Binodini in the Choker Bali Episode (which I have not seen fully though).

Even if you look at her scene with Rajini in Kabali, the last scene where she displays the amazement and disbelief seeing Rajini is a mark of a fine actor. Fine actors, you put them anywhere they will stand out.

And out of all the amazing performances some people have nothing else to point out than the roles she did where the character demands exposing ones body. This clip that is making its rounds on the whatsapp of these idiots is just a small scene in an amazing movie about women living in a male chauvinist society where husband, dad, son, brother all take advantage of showing their male dominancy in every walk of life.

It is a movie about the courage of some women to take that step and liberate themselves and move towards freedom. Yes the movie will kick some freaking balls of some of the male dominancy morons who use words like culture and sabhyatha and all crap to keep women chained to their definition of society.

I just saw this reply she gave to a Journalist who asked her about a clip thats making its rounds and if it is necessary to do such controversial and bold roles to achieve success.

While many might feel the question very sexist and jump and eat the journalist I think that can be debated and I have a slight difference opinion here. A Journalist’s job is not asking just the questions he personally has but also questions that are in the mind of the Jantha or public. That is his job. That being said Radhika’s Answer was befitting to that question. And if the journalist had not asked it, Radhika would not have answered it and many morons who watched that with eyes and ears wide open would not have heard it.

Radhika’s reply is not to the Journalist though he takes the brunt, it is to all those useless idiots who watch a clip and then also share it and create a controversy and then stand on the side and say look at the kind of roles she does and like the comment below some morons put on her site. They are not keen on movie but a scene she does. They go looking for it and then they will watch it and then share it and then go and question it. That is the sad state of the society.
People should move beyond clips and watch the movies and as Radhika says those who have a problem with their body are curious and go searching to see other’s bodies and if you want to see take a big mirror and go and watch. Or watch and stop playing the maryada purushotham or cultural crusader.

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