Change your thoughts and you change your world – Norman Vincent Peale

hiking-691846_1280Norman Vincent Peale the American Author most notable for his book titled “The Power of Positive Thinking” said “Change your Thoughts and You change your world”. So true because the world as we see it is a culmination of every thought that is going on through people’s minds. Not just the thoughts now, but also the thoughts that have gone through the mind of people both living and dead.

Imagine what the ‘not so good’ thoughts would have cost the world. Imagine what the good thoughts has built in this world. When we look at life, our own life, so minuscule in the large scheme of things we form an understanding of what the power of thinking has made it what it is.

I once had a friend with whom I had struck a very good friendship that I thought would continue life long. But then ‘blame it on the thoughts’ misunderstandings built up and ego decided to not resolve it and the friendship was not there anymore. But that’s just one relationship.

We all hold the power to change our thoughts. Deliberate effort on a continuous basis will make it a subconscious process over time. Like they say “before you do it you have to know you can do it” and be free and open to change.

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