The Reflection Prescription

sunset-1815992_1280We all reflect on the past and come out with an array of emotions. All reflections are not conscious and planned. Many of them just happen unknowingly. You see someone or something or hear a song or go to a place and all of a sudden you are ported back into some point in your Past. But conscious reflection can be a really nice tool for you to plan ahead.

Taking sometime once in a while to just walk back on decisions you have taken. The events that shaped your life. The choices that you could have made better and so on. The exercise is in no way for you to feel bad, but to acknowledge that as time moved the needle in one direction you have the ability to still reflect back and learn something. Something that will help you in the future.

There is no individual who has got it all perfect. We are a sum of all the choices we made and events we encountered. The fact that we can sit and reflect by itself shows the survivor in you. Keep moving

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